The impressive Presidential Sapphire Ring was earned by Three-Star Directors Donn and Tawanda Shamley. The Sapphire Ring is awarded to those Independent Reps on an annual track of $100,000 a year. Congratulations to Donn and Tawanda on this outstanding accomplishment!

Tawanda shares, “Today was absolutely amazing and totally a surprise! We hit another major milestone with our company, PlanNet Marketing, as six-figure income earners! It was bittersweet not to share this day with by husband, my rock, my partner in life and in business, Donn Shamley, who was out of town. Thank you Mr. Donald Bradley for being a visionary and creating this vehicle that’s allowing us to have freedom, help people, and establish a legacy for our children’s children.” #plannetproud #retirementgoals #entrepreneurship

Donn received his Sapphire Ring at Tuesday’s Atlanta meeting. Tawanda said, “We’ve built our business together, and it was amazing to place this Sapphire Ring on my husband’s finger tonight. Thank you Donald Bradley for your leadership, Eileen Ross for your mentorship, and our Team for your partnership and trust in us. Time to help more people!”

A picture is worth a thousand words… View a video and photos from both presentations!



Convention After Party
8:00 pm -- Saturday, September 28, 2019
Orlando, FL

If you are not registered for Convention, make sure to do so ASAP so you can attend this special, not-to-be-missed event! Register now in your Virtual Office for Elevation, the 2019 PlanNet Marketing International Convention, September 26-28, 2019.
This will be the PlanNet party of the year! Don’t miss this spectacular event!
There will be a DJ, Music, Dancing, and Cash Bar.
Tickets $20.00 per person (not included in Convention registration)
No tickets will be sold at the door
Register in your VO today for the Best Party on the PlanNet!



The PlanNet Marketing home office will be closed Monday, May 27, in observance of the Memorial Day Holiday. Regular office hours resume Tuesday, May 28, 2019.

On Memorial Day, let us honor those who gave their lives for our country. Our warmest wishes on Memorial Day 2019 and deepest gratitude for the ultimate sacrifice of our fallen heroes. PlanNet Marketing wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday!




Meet PlanNet Marketing’s newest One-Star Director, Nacole McCain. Nacole grew up in the Metro Detroit, Michigan area. She graduated with a BA in Criminal Justice from Michigan State and earned an MBA with a specialty in Project Management. She relates that she has moved a few times with her primary job, having lived in Birmingham, AL for four years and now lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

Nacole tells us, “I love home remodeling and of course travel! I have traveled internationally and domestically. I really love road trips as I feel they are the best way to see the country and connect with your travel companions. This summer I have plans to go to Detroit, Toronto, Seattle, and New Orleans.

“I have achieved success at PlanNet Marketing because I do not work this business casually. I work it passionately to help others and for the commitment to my two young boys for success. My primary tip is to always build a rapport, connect the business benefits to the need of the potential business partner, and create a value proposition for each person in order to increase retention.”




As PlanNet Marketing nears 45,000 active Agents, membership in the PlanNet Club categories of 20/20, 40/40, 60/60 etc. will grow as well. With that in mind, we are adding a new feature to the PlanNetNow! blog. Each week we will list the new 20/20 Club Members as shown below so that your recognition will be timely. This week we recognize those Members who qualified in March; next week we will showcase the new April members. The personal 20/20 Club features will continue; currently there are many 20/20 Club Members who have sent in their bios, but due to the growing number, have not yet been featured in the blog. Watch for your bio in future editions of PlanNetNow!

Recognition is very important and we hope this new format shows how much we value our 20/20 Club Members! Congratulations to everyone who has achieved this very important level in your PlanNet business. (Click on a graphic to enlarge and/or view as a slideshow).




PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Charmisa King-Cobb to the 20/20/ Club! Charmisa tells us, “I was born in Louisville, KY; the first three years of my life were spent in Selma, AL. My father wanted more for his family, so we moved to Atlanta, GA and this has been home ever since. I currently reside in Lawrenceville, GA. I am a wife and a mother of four busy children. By day I’m a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, but I also own my business as a financial advisor.

“Traveling and making money while doing it has become my first love. I absolutely love to try new experiences, especially fine dining, shopping, visiting different countries, and learning other cultures. When I was introduced to PlanNet Marketing, I was immediately ready to sign up because this was the piece that connected me to my purpose. I have a goal to start a non-profit organization that educates our youth on the value of financial management. By making small investments in themselves, they in turn create a huge profit that will produce more self-made young professionals who may now believe in the American dream.

I have found success in Plannet Marketing through my mentors, Walter and Tiffany Powell and Natalie Alexander. Following their leadership and being coachable has truly skyrocketed my business. I always stay plugged into the winning culture and I never miss a big event that I am qualified to attend. I also found that once I mastered the PS3 system there were ‘no limits!’  If you desire to go far in this business, always, always smile and have positive energy and NEVER give up, because whatever energy that you put out in the universe shall return to you. Always plant positive seeds and tend to your seeds so that you can reap a great harvest. I love being a part of the best place on the PlanNet!”




PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Jacqueline Roseboro to the 20/20 Club. Jacqueline says that she is Maryland born and Carolina raised.  Her love of travel started at a very young age, traveling frequently between Maryland and North Carolina, where she currently resides. She served in the US Army and has been a Nurse Clinician for 17 years. She is mom to one son and Gigi to three beautiful granddaughters.

Jacqueline continues, “My interests are yoga, fitness, and all things music - I live for outdoor concerts and the theatre. I have traveled to Panama, DR, Mexico, Jamaica, Canada, and Puerto Rico and I still have many more beautiful countries on my list of ‘must do’s!’

“My belief is that the right mindset coupled with the right plan put into action leads to success for anyone. Mr Bradley has graciously provided us the blueprint - our product needs no introduction - everyone’s doing we just need to make the decision to win, and go get it done. Trusting your process sounds so cliché, but it’s true - go through it and don’t quit. Don’t ever quit!!  If you quit once, it becomes a habit. Your mind can cause you to be limited or limitless and you get to choose.

“I’d like to thank my phenomenal sponsor and coach, Mr. Damien Goins, for pushing and supporting me, and Mr. and Mrs. Bradley for sharing their amazing vision that is allowing so many families to live the life they’ve only dreamed of. I can’t wait to have that new Director interview with Mr. Bradley.

“Remember service to many leads to greatness and your sharing this amazing opportunity could be the answer to someone’s prayers. Keys to success: Positive mindset, consistency. and perseverance! Tips: follow the plan and be a team player. Share the opportunity with passion and excitement and know that you have a vehicle that can truly impact someone’s life. If you believe it, the person you’re speaking with will too.”




1. Where were you born and raised; current city; family; hobbies; past business highlights...
I was born and raised in Eatontown, NJ and I currently live in Medford, NJ with my husband and all four children, although we are secretly hoping one or two of them move out on their own in the next year! I was a stay-at-home mom for 16 years, went back to the workforce for about four years and decided that's just not where I wanted to be. I found a home with PlanNet Marketing.

2. How have you grown or personally developed since joining PlanNet?
I have stepped out of my comfort zone for sure since being with this company. And I've also learned to become more patient. I am always looking for new ways to improve what I do.

3. What drives you; what motivates you?
What drives me?? I DON’T want to go out and have to work for somebody else again, like ever! I love the time freedom and personal freedom that I have with this business. I love that I can work from anywhere and still contribute to household finances and also have that very important ‘independent woman money!’

4. Who would you consider a role model and why?
My mom will always be my role model forever. There’s no one who handles themselves with as much grace and class as she does. I am thankful that I still have her in my life at the ripe age of 91.

5. The three words that describe you best are:
Outgoing, Passionate, Sentimental.

6. If you had some sound advice to give to anyone what would it be?
My advice would be to just be themselves. Do what feels right within your heart. I think in this business we all try to be someone else because they are successful, or have one million Instagram followers. But just be you, be consistent, work your business every day, and they will come.

7. What does your life look like five years from now?
In five years I hope to have my life simplified. I hope to have children working successfully in their field of choice and loving what they do. I want to be traveling the world, still sharing this amazing opportunity, and living down the Jersey shore listening to the waves crash along the shoreline.



Don't Buy Your Bonuses - Earn Them!

What is Bonus Buying? Let’s reword it to make it a bit easier to understand – let's think of it as Buying the Bonus. Bonus Buying is purchasing an ITA solely for the purpose of collecting bonuses or achieving rank – and it’s prohibited.

Bonus Buying can take many forms - some of them might even look ok. You might be unknowingly participating – even if you aren’t the one paying for the ITA. So, let’s talk more about what it looks like, what happens when you do it, and the consequences for attempting to purchase rank or position.

1)  What does Bonus Buying look like? Bonus Buying is enrolling or reactivating ITAs (or in some cases Reps) without their knowledge or consent. Sometimes the enrollments are real people who just don’t really want to be ITAs/Reps, sometimes the enrollments are non-existent people who are made up in order to create an account. However it’s done, if a Rep pays for another Rep or ITA in any way – it can be considered Bonus Buying. When a Rep pays for others consistently and repetitively, in order to reactivate a downline or fill up empty slots toward the next level of earnings…it looks purposeful and fraudulent.


2)  What happens in a Rep’s account and to PlanNet Marketing when someone engages in Bonus Buying? The biggest effect of Bonus Buying is the overpayment of commissions to the direct Rep and every level of upline (through nine levels). It defrauds PlanNet Marketing of money that was not earned. When caught, it also creates commission errors and the need for manual corrections to many accounts. It’s extra work for our Support teams at PlanNet Marketing and it opens us up to future errors and issues with those same accounts. If the Rep enrolled real people who aren’t interested or non-existent people – there are now ITA/Rep accounts that will eventually be canceled. This creates an even larger deficit toward that Rep’s next level of qualification. It might seem helpful to just “buy” those last three or four or ten ITAs toward your next level of Directorship, but once you get there – how will you maintain that level? How will you reach the next level? These purchases could become very costly, very quickly. Speaking of cost…

3) What are the consequences for a Rep who is caught Bonus Buying (or just attempting it)?

If a Rep is caught Bonus Buying, they will be fined for the overpayment of any commissions paid by PlanNet Marketing. But that isn’t all – the consequences are much higher than just a fine. The offending Rep could also lose their rank, their Directorship, even their business. PlanNet Marketing has the right to terminate an account if a Rep is found to be Bonus Buying.

Bonus Buying is a fraudulent business practice that PlanNet Marketing strictly and absolutely prohibits. In an effort to protect the integrity of our company and each and every person who works with us as a Rep, we will take strong and decisive action against any person who is found to be, or appears to be, purchasing ITAs solely for the purpose of collecting bonuses or achieving rank.

-- PlanNet Marketing Policies and Procedures Section 5.9 & 8.3, located in your Virtual Office in the Information Center (go to Resources, then Policies and Procedures).

~Amanda Restivo, VP, Compliance --


Race to Director - They're on Their Way!

PlanNet Marketing


PlanNet Marketing


Top 10 Directors in Training in the Race,
and on their way to One-Star Director!

1.  Nacole McCain
2.  Russette Madry-Jackson
3.  Desiree Morrison
4.  Ebony and Gary Waugh
5.  Jeffery Bynes
6.  Christopher Fletcher
7.  Joy Simpson
8.  Vanita Baugh
9.  Jron Brailey
10.  Lisa Whitehair

PlanNet Marketing


Top 10 One-Star Directors with over 200 balanced Active ITAs
Fast Approaching Two-Star Director!

1.  Marcella Emily Burge
2.  Calvin Ellerbe
3.  Marwu (Cienia) Railey
4.  Kenneth Graham
5.  Kristin Rivers
6.  Darren Vinnett
7.  Elliott George
8.  Aquarius Jackson
9.  Errin Elzie
10.  Taryn Cox