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Top 10 Directors in Training in the Race,
and on their way to One-Star Director!

1.  Shaquinta Barlow
2.  Rebecca Liversidge
3.  Lizette Oviatt
4.  Robert and Sonya Wilson
5.  Sabrina Perryman
6.  David Stull
7.  Dorian and Angela Joyner
8.  Rachel and Michael Young
9.  Sheena Day
10.  Johnnie Green

PlanNet Marketing


Top 10 One-Star Directors with over 200 balanced Active ITAs
Fast Approaching Two-Star Director!

1.  Charles Kindred
2.  LaTeshia Campbell
3.  Calvin Ellerbe
4.  Robin Loving
5.  Vincent Green
6.  Trudel Scott
7.  Tisha DeShields
8.  Shaunte Garrett
9.  Aquarius Jackson
10.  Darren Vinnett




PlanNet Marketing is proud to welcome Mexico to the PlanNet family! (See November 17th Mexico Launch event info below!) The official name of Mexico is Estados Unidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States). The 14th largest country in the world by total area, Mexico ranks #10 in world population with over 131 million people. Mexico is one of the chief economic and political forces in Latin America. It has a dynamic industrial base, vast mineral resources, a wide-ranging service sector, and the world’s largest population of Spanish speakers, about two and half times that of Spain or Colombia. The dominant religion is Catholicism. Spanish is the national language and the federal government officially recognizes 68 native languages and 364 varieties of indigenous languages. The descendants of the Aztecs speak a form of the Aztec language called Nahuatl. Many of its words, particularly for types of food, passed into English…such as tomatoes (tomatl), chocolate (chocolatl), and avocados (ahuacatl).


In the fourteenth century the Aztecs (or Mexica) settled in Mexico when they saw an eagle (representing the sun) standing on a cactus (a symbol of the heart) clutching a snake (a symbol of the earth or Quetzalcoatl) - an image which is now depicted on the Mexican flag. Mexico’s flag is made up three vertical stripes. The left green stripe stands for hope, the middle white stripe represents purity, and the right red stripe represents the blood of those who died fighting for Mexico's independence.

Known for its Pacific and Gulf of Mexico beaches and its diverse landscape of mountains, deserts and jungles, Mexico is also home to ancient ruins such as Teotihuacán and the Mayan city of Chichén Itzá which are scattered throughout the country, as are Spanish colonial-era towns. In capital Mexico City, upscale shops, renowned museums, and gourmet restaurants cater to modern life.

More than half of the Mexican people live in the center of the country, whereas vast areas of the arid north and the tropical south are sparsely settled. Migrants from rural areas have poured into Mexico’s cities, and nearly four-fifths of Mexicans now live in urban areas. Mexico City is one of the most populous cities and metropolitan areas in the world and is built over the ruins of the great Aztec city, Tenochtitlán.

 Palace of Fine Arts - Mexico City

Palace of Fine Arts - Mexico City


The culture of Mexico has undergone a tremendous transformation over the past few decades and it varies widely throughout the country. Smaller rural communities, however, still play a strong role in defining the country's collective vibrant community. Family is one of the most important elements in Mexican society. Especially outside of cities, families are typically large and Mexicans are very conscious of their responsibilities to immediate family members and extended family such as cousins and even close friends. Hosting parties at their homes plays a large part of Mexican life and making visitors feel comfortable is a large part of the values and customs of the country.

Mexican cuisine varies widely between regions, as each town has its own culinary traditions. Tortillas and other food made from corn are common everywhere, as are pepper, tomatoes and beans. Rice is also a staple. Many foods that originated in Mexico are popular worldwide, including avocados, chocolate, and pumpkins. According to the California Avocado Commission, Americans consume up to 81 million pounds of avocados on Cinco de Mayo every year.

Mexico is known for its tequila, which is made from agave cactus that is well suited to the climate of central Mexico. Soda is a very popular drink in Mexico, as the country has a well-developed beverage industry.

Clay pottery, embroidered cotton garments, wool shawls and outer garments with angular designs, colorful baskets, and rugs are some of the common items associated with Mexican folk art. Millennia-old traditions continue in silversmithing, mosaics, textiles, pottery, and basket-weaving.

The country is closely associated with the Mariachi style of folk music, which originated in the southern part of the state of Jalisco sometime in the 19th century. Musicians play violins, guitars, basses, and vihuelas (a five-string guitar).

 Mexican folk dance is a blend of European, African, and Indigenous heritage.

Mexican folk dance is a blend of European, African, and Indigenous heritage.


Mexico has traditionally been among the most visited countries in the world according to the World Tourism Organization and it is the most visited country in the Americas after the United States. The most notable attractions are the Mesoamerican ruins, cultural festivals, colonial cities, nature reserves, and the beach resorts. The nation's wide range of climates, from temperate to tropical, and its unique culture – a fusion of the European and the Mesoamerican – make Mexico an attractive destination.

Tourism numbers show an astounding 20.6 million international visitors arrived in Mexico through the first six months of 2018. Mexico tourism officials also reported around 4.2 million cruise ship passengers arrived in the country in the first half of this year, a 10.4%increase from the same period in 2017. In addition, the Tourism Ministry said overall visitor spending increased by 4.3%.

 Cruise ships dock in Costa Maya

Cruise ships dock in Costa Maya


The first printing press in North America was used in Mexico City in 1539.

The National University of Mexico was founded in 1551 by Charles V of Spain and is the oldest university in North America.

Mexico City has the highest elevation and is the oldest city in North America.

Modern Mexicans are a unique blend of many ancient civilizations, including the Olmec, Zapotec, Toltec, Maya, Aztec, Inca, African, French, and Spanish. The Mayans built the first pyramids around 100 BC. A major region of Mayan development was the Yucatan peninsula, making up the southern and eastern portions of modern-day Mexico. The Mayan culture began to collapse around 1000 AD, and around 1200 AD the Aztecs arrived in the Valley of Mexico and later founded the city of Tenochtitlan. Montezuma became the Aztec leader and expanded the empire. In 1517, Spanish explorers arrived; in 1521, Hernan Cortez defeated the Aztecs and claimed the land for Spain. Spain conquered the rest of Mexico and it became part of the colony of New Spain. It wasn't until 1810 that the Mexican War of Independence was begun by Catholic priest Miguel Hildago with his famous cry of "Viva Mexico." In 1821, Mexico defeated Spain and gained full independence.

Mexico is located in the “Ring of Fire,” one of the earth’s most violent earthquake and volcano zones.

Spanish conquerors brought bullfighting to Mexico, and second to Spain - Mexico now has the most bullfighting rings in the world. Bullfighting takes place from November to April, and the Plaza Mexico is the largest bullring in the world.

 The Chichén Itzá Pyramid in Mexico was named one of the new Seven Wonders of the World

The Chichén Itzá Pyramid in Mexico was named one of the new Seven Wonders of the World



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NOVEMBER 17, 2018
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PlanNet Marketing has reserved a room block for this event.
Please email Myah Harris at mharris@plannetmarketing.com to reserve your spot.



1. Where were you born and raised; current city; family; hobbies; past business highlights...
I was born in Memphis, TN, but my family relocated to Detroit when I was an infant; thus I have always considered Detroit home. I currently live in “America’s Finest City” - San Diego, CA. I recently celebrated my 33rd wedding anniversary with Gail Kindred. I am a proud father of two and grandfather of two precious babies. I enjoy family time, photography, sports, cooking, and of course TRAVEL! In a previous life, I retired from the San Diego Police Department, and again from the State of California.

2. How have you grown or personally developed since joining PlanNet?
I have always enjoyed working with and helping others. PlanNet has shown me how I can do more than just help a few people - through PlanNet, I can help countless generations. PlanNet has offered me an opportunity to leave an indelible mark on the world. But in order to do that, I have to continue to grow my leadership skills, communication skills, and patience.

3. What drives you; what motivates you?
What motivates me is thinking of the future that I am currently creating for my grandkids and their grandkids. To be that acorn that provides “financial shade” for generations that I will never meet, is what drives me. I have a recurring vision of my great-great grandkids pointing at my portrait on a wall and commenting on how I changed our financial bloodlines by not only saying yes to this opportunity, but working to make it happen. I want my family to experience a life of abundance.

4. Who would you consider a role model and why?
This is a difficult question for me to answer. I have learned a lot from a number of people. I can’t really say I have a role model. However, someone that I greatly admire is Nelson Mandela. His willingness to sacrifice his freedom for a cause greater than himself was truly remarkable. His efforts to end apartheid provided a road map of sorts for the Civil Rights Movement here in the United States.

5. The three words that describe you best are:
Analytical, Trustworthy, and Compassionate

6. If you had some sound advice to give to anyone what would it be?
I would offer that it is most important to be willing to “trade ego for equity.” To do that, you must be coachable. I had to learn to discard my corporate mindset and embrace the system/processes PlanNet has in place, which was hard to do. I guess 33 years in the public sector made me great at thinking like an employee, but not so great at thinking as a business owner. Once you understand the differences and embrace the process, your growth/success will accelerate!

7. What does your life look like five years from now?
Five years from now, the Kindred Dynasty will be firmly entrenched! I will be a Ten-Star Director, my wife will be an Eight-Star Director, my son will be a Ten-Star Director, my daughter-in-love will be an Eight-Star Director. I have cousins and nieces that will have hit the Five-Star Director level. We will have established a number of philanthropic endeavors, to include a multi-state education, entrepreneurial, and sports academy serving underprivileged youth, multi-state senior housing facilities, and a travel program for low income families.




PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Joe and Karen Banks to the 20/20 Club! The couple is from Augusta, GA and now reside in Grovetown, GA, a suburb of Augusta. They appreciate spending time with their family and friends, especially their adorable grandchildren. Joe and Karen are huge Atlanta Falcon and Georgia Bulldog football fans and love exploring new places and meeting people. Joe says, “We have traveled to numerous places domestically such as Las Vegas, Washington, DC, Myrtle Beach, SC, and Orlando FL. International destinations include the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Bahamas, and Mexico. We plan to take our dream destination trips to Dubai and Greece soon.”

On achieving success they tell us: “Our success comes from utilizing the system that is in place and being coachable. We are committed to attending all meetings and events that we are qualified to attend. And also the weekly team and business calls have helped us stay informed and motivated in our business. Last but not least, we have discovered that obtaining personal development by reading the suggested books has given us a winning attitude. We would tell everyone to talk to and engage with people to build relationships with them. Always remain positive and write down your goals. We are in a people- and relationship-building business. We love meeting new people and talking to them. Lastly, just be your best self.

“The way we have achieved success so quickly has come from just following the system by hosting travel parties at our home and showing our team how to do the same; also utilizing the PS3, other tools, and following the amazing leadership that we have.

“One little fun fact about us is that people would be surprised to know that we love to cook and entertain at our home. I like baking cakes. My wife loves trying new foods and recipes. We are huge foodies at heart. We are having the best time of our lives with PlanNet Marketing and this is the BEST business decision we have ever made.”




PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Tamica and Eddrick Piper to the 20/20 Club! Tamica tells us, “Eddrick and I both were born and raised in Texas and now live in Grand Prairie, TX, a suburb of Dallas. We are both foodies and enjoy traveling. We have so many places on our bucket list, which is one of the reasons we believe starting a travel business just made sense. We are so excited about reaching 20/20 and can't wait to help even more families.

“We believe by being consistent and continuing to push through, even when there are more ‘NOs’ than ‘YESes,’ that we can help more families than we could ever imagine and reach all of our goals in the process.

Team Piper is just beginning and ready for the next level in our journey!!




Here’s more "Scary Truths from PlanNet Marketing." The truth about following the Policies and Procedures and remaining legal and ethical in your business dealings can be very scary, but with a few tips and a healthy dose of knowledge, your PlanNet Marketing business won’t elicit fear in the hearts of you or your business partners.


Keep Your Account Active, Pay Your Monthly Fee

It was a dark, stormy Thursday morning, a commission payment day, and somehow you missed paying your PlanNet monthly account fee of $19.95! *screams of fright* “NOOOOOOO!”

To enjoy all the benefits of being a Rep with PlanNet Marketing, you must remain active by paying your monthly account fee of $19.95. If you don’t pay your monthly fee, you risk missing out on commissions!!! And even more scary, you risk losing your business. *GASP* Yes, it’s true!!!

Scary Truths 1.jpg

An inactive Rep is no longer eligible to receive weekly commissions. A Rep who is inactive for 30 days or more is no longer eligible to earn residual commissions. A Rep who allows their business to remain inactive for 60 days or more will lose all rights to their downline and Matrix position. If that Rep doesn’t reactivate within the 60-day grace period, PlanNet considers their account cancelled and their agreement with PlanNet is expired. We monitor for inactive accounts and turn them off weekly. The Rep who owned the now canceled account must re-enroll (under the same sponsor) and begin building their team from scratch. Ranks or qualifications from the old account do not transfer to the new one. SO SCARY!!! But, it’s true.

PlanNet Marketing is working to protect the Personal Freedom, Time Freedom, and Financial Freedom of each and every one of our Reps. If PlanNet allowed Reps to hold onto inactive positions indefinitely, the networking model would fail. In order to protect those Reps who are active and fulfilling their agreements, and protect our Matrix, we must enforce the active renewal of each Rep account.

-- The PlanNet Marketing Policies and Procedures are located in your Virtual Office in the Information Center (go to Resources, then Policies and Procedures)

.~ Amanda Restivo, Vice President, Compliance -- arestivo@plannetmarketing.com


Race to Director - They're on Their Way!

PlanNet Marketing


PlanNet Marketing


Top 10 Directors in Training in the Race,
and on their way to One-Star Director!

1.  Ashley Gibbs
2.  Lizette Oviatt
3.  Rebecca Liversidge
4.  Christa Caldwell
5.  Sabrina Perryman
6.  Shaquinta Barlow
7.  David Stull
8.  Johnnie Green
9.  Rachel Young
10.  Jessica Springs

PlanNet Marketing


Top 10 One-Star Directors with over 200 balanced Active ITAs
Fast Approaching Two-Star Director!

1.  Louise Gatland
2.  Anthony McCarver
3.  Charles Kindred
4.  LaTeshia Campbell
5.  Calvin Ellerbe
6.  Robin Loving
7.  Shaunte Garrett
8.  Tisha DeShields
9.  Vincent Green
10.  Trudel Scott



It’s been a remarkable three years! We hope to see you at a PlanNet Marketing 3-Year Anniversary Opportunity Meeting in your area. Mark your calendars!

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1. Where were you born and raised; current city; family; hobbies; past business highlights...
I was born and raised in Laplace, LA (25 miles west of New Orleans, LA). I am a mother of one amazingly smart daughter by the name of Rani who keeps me motivated to strive hard each day. I am newly engaged to my heaven sent soulmate. When you have been through the storm, the sun shines again one day! I love traveling and creating new memories that will last a lifetime, listening to music, and giving thanks back to God - He is the reason for my success! In my past life I worked in sales, banking, and the oil and gas industry.

2. How have you grown or personally developed since joining PlanNet?
PlanNet has helped me identify my true passion; it’s the only company in which I have ever desired to build a team. However, I don't look at it as building a team - I have grown to look at it as helping someone become financially free, or helping them gain time freedom as well as personal freedom! I've grown so much since I started my road to freedom; I wouldn't change it for the world!!

3. What drives you; what motivates you?
My daughter drives and motivates me daily! My goal is for her college tuition to be paid in full so she doesn't have to worry about obtaining a loan to fund her way through.

4. Who would you consider a role model and why?
I would consider my parents to be my role models! My mother and father never showed us the real struggle as kids; they worked hard to make sure our needs were met. I greatly appreciate everything they did to raise me to be the woman I am today.

5. The three words that describe you best are:
Loyal, Motivated, Independent

6. If you had some sound advice to give to anyone what would it be?
Don't give up on yourself - hard work and dedication will pay off in the end!!

7. What does your life look like five years from now?
Five years from now, I will be a six-pushing-seven-figure income earner…traveling the world, helping one family at a time!




Chairman Donald Bradley recognizes One-Star Directors when they achieve the 150 mark in their team building and are on their way to Two-Star Director. Mr. Bradley will work closely with each Director 1.5 to help them reach the Two-Star level!