Race to Director - They're On Their Way!

PlanNet Marketing


PlanNet Marketing


Top 10 Directors in Training in the Race,
and on their way to One-Star Director!

1.  Catherine Bray
2.  Craig & Hannah Parker
3.  Natisha McCarver
4.  Cophia Jackson
5.  Johnnie Green
6.  Jeffrey Bynes
7.  Rosalind Garrard
8.  Yolanda Bennett
9.  Herminia Flores
10.  Ashley Gibbs

PlanNet Marketing


Top 10 One-Star Directors with over 200 balanced Active ITAs
Fast Approaching Two-Star Director!

1.  Jassy Mc Bride
2.  Korrey Alexander
3.  Calvin Ellerbe
4.  Jennifer Smith
5.  Trudel Scott
6.  Anthony McCarver
7.  Derrick & Natalie Alexander
8.  Charles Kindred
9.  Vincent Green
10.  LaTeshia Campbell




The inaugural Eagle Weekend UK was a spectacular event! On Saturday afternoon everyone boarded the Sunborn London Yacht Hotel at he oyal Victoria Dock which overlooked Canary Whar, the financial district of London. The event kicked off with a jam-packed training session led by our Founder, Chairman & CEO Mr. Donald Bradley, along with our Five-Star Director, Mr. Shedrick White. The energy that emanated from the PlanNet UK audience and guests was truly brilliant.


Followed by our afternoon training, the evening Yacht event was an elegant all-white reception accompanied by a wide range of exquisite canapés, and dancing the night away with our guest DJ long with a super talented saxophonist. The PlanNet UK Team is on fire!

Yacht Event Slideshow #1

Yacht Event Slideshow #2




Hotel Reservations:

PlanNet Marketing has made special arrangements with the Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center, 100 CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia, for our International Convention 2018 in Atlanta. You may make your Omni Atlanta Hotel room reservations at the PlanNet Marketing special rates and there are several options and room rates for your selection.

To book your reservations online:

  • Access the link to view your room rate options for accommodations at the Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center, Atlanta, GA.
  • A one night non-refundable room charge will be made to your credit card at the time of booking.
  • Guests who prefer to phone in their reservations may call the hotel Reservation Center at 1-800-843-6664 to secure a reservation within the PlanNet Marketing group block.
  • The name of our group is: PlanNet Marketing.



1. Where were you born and raised; current city; family; hobbies; past business highlights...
I was born in Fort Bragg, NC - grew up here and there, graduating from Dover High School in Dover, Delaware. My first year of college was in Dover and I graduated in Atlanta, GA. Dover is where I call home since I went to high school there. My current city is Columbia, SC. I have three children (two adults ages 26 and 20 and one at home who is 17). I'm a newlywed as of late last year. My past business highlights were in product sales, mainly because of my 9-5. I used to "Share Happiness!”

2. How have you grown or personally developed since joining PlanNet?
PlanNet Marketing is my first and only company that I've ever team-built. I've never tried to team-build because I didn't think that I was good at it. But the training and personal development has opened my eyes to new possibilities.

3. What drives you; what motivates you?
My children drive and motivate me. I don't want my grandson or last daughter to have to worry about tuition costs and starting their adult lives in student loan debt. Thank goodness that my son went into the military. This gives me time to set up my 17-year-old to attend FSU and become the director/producer she dreams to be.

4. Who would you consider a role model and why?
I would consider my mother my role model. She has always made a way. She worked hard and always stood strong, no matter the struggle and no matter how people tried to destroy her.

5. The three words that describe you best are:
Motivated, Independent, and Resourceful.

6. If you had some sound advice to give to anyone what would it be?
Don't wait. Just do it. You will enjoy the results even more.

7. What does your life look like five years from now?
My life five years from now looks like me paying off my second upgraded home and taking trips around the world with my family AND showing others like me how to do the same.




Congratulations to PlanNet Marketing’s newest One-Star Directors, Crishana (Shana) and Sam Granger! The Grangers live in Athens, AL with their two children, Savannah and Sam III. They enjoy spending time at the beach with their family, listening to live music, college football, tailgating, going to theme parks, attending concerts and mentoring youth. Shana loves dance and has been the Head Dance Coach for Alabama A&M University for nine years. She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Sam is a huge New England Patriots fan and because of the PlanNet opportunity, he had the chance to experience his first game at Gillette Stadium two weeks after they started their business. Sam is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.

The couple has been together for 18 years and will celebrate their 12-year wedding anniversary this November. The Grangers have traveled to numerous destinations all over the world, including Ireland, London, Cancun and Cozumel, Orlando, FL (Walt Disney World), Nassau Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, Maui, Hawaii, and San Juan, Puerto Rico!

When asked about their success, the Grangers said, “Our success at PlanNet Marketing has been surreal. We entered the industry as inexperienced networkers/entrepreneurs but our ambition and unwavering drive was just what we needed to succeed. Our children are the driving force of everything that we do, so giving up or not putting forth the necessary effort was not an option. The success we’ve experienced thus far is also a direct reflection of us learning how to trust the process, remaining coachable and open-minded, plugging into every opportunity call or meeting that we could take advantage of, and committing ourselves to learning the value of our investment by studying it daily.  

“Do not allow your fears to be bigger than your future! We are completely confident about what this investment can do for families because we’ve witnessed it firsthand. We also made a conscious effort to understand the value of our investment and doing so has made our posture unshakable! When we share the opportunity with potential business partners, our passion is evident and our posture is intentional. There were times when we were definitely stretched outside of our comfort zones (lol) but in the end, we realized that those things were also designed to help us accomplish our goals. As we reflect, we realize that our most successful moments occurred during those times when we felt the most uncomfortable. We would challenge all new business partners to set their goals up front and make themselves accountable and dedicated to learning about their investment. We believe that learning the product is the first step in achieving success and here’s why:

Learn your product and your posture will change (tell people about it, don't sell them on it).
Learn your product and your conversation will change because you won't be afraid to talk about it!
Learn your product and you'll attract those ideal clients and business partners!”




PlanNet Marketing welcomes Lynn Hendricks to the 80/80 Club! Lynn shares with us, “Marcus and I were introduced to this amazing opportunity by a friend of mine of over 30 years. She knew that we were avid travelers and took at least one international trip annually with a large group of friends. At that time I was doing all the research for those trips, putting the trips together, and then handing the info to a travel agent to book them. My friend told me I could get paid for the travel I was taking anyway in addition to saving significantly on my own travel. We started our business on April 27, 2016. I initially didn't want to have anything to do with the marketing side of the business but as we used the product and shared about what we were doing through casual conversation with family/friends, they were interested and wanted the same exact thing. So we began to be more intentional about sharing. 

“By the end of 2016, we had been promoted to One-Star Directors and I walked away from my corporate job. I love the freedom that this opportunity provides. I get to spend more time with my mom who is retired, we travel whenever we want (I love taking advantage of our InteleTrips!), we have an amazing team all across the country that is hungry for change and a better financial position for their family. We are over 500 now but we're one big family with no drama and I just LOVE that!

“There are a lot of people out there looking for something. They're looking for a way to supplement their income, a way to travel better, travel more, travel for less. And we have the perfect answer for them. A lot of people spend their time trying to convince people who are not interested. I spend ALL my time with interested people, and am only looking for the people looking for me.

“We are tremendously blessed by the partnerships of everyone in our organization, in addition to our sideline partnerships. The culture of this company truly is something I've never witnessed before, and we are eternally grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Bradley for this gift!”




PlanNet Marketing welcomes LaVetta Williams to the 20/20 Club! LaVetta Williams(Hester) is from Greenville, SC born and raised! She says, “I am a true southern belle! I am a stay-at-home mom to a handsome nine-year-old boy who is half the reason I am in the position I am in today! As a young girl I have always had a passion for helping people, a real nurturing soul just willing to help any and everybody. I love being around my family, positive energy, and strong mindsets! 

“I got into the travel industry nearly three years ago...but I have never experienced the lifestyle I have now before I joined this company! My business expanded, my income increased, and I was learning so much more than I did in my previous travel company. Within nine months I hit 20/20 and that was so big for me because I have never built a team that big! All I did was share this business with others, traveled more, and showed the deals I was able to put together for my clients, and next thing I know, people were coming to me asking to be a part of my team! 

“Stay consistent in everything you do. Every day I worked on my business whether it was online or offline or attending a training or weekly meeting. Every day I put time into my business! This business has changed my life beyond what words can explain! Never give up because people are watching you! Continue to write down your goals, and crush it everyday your feet hit the ground!”




Welcome Elizabeth Huntley to the PlanNet Marketing 20/20 Club! Elizabeth shares, “My given name is Elizabeth but for some reason my father started calling me Prissy when I was two days old and it has been with me my entire life. I tell everyone it’s a term of endearment and not an observation! I was born and raised in the Houston, TX area and grew up in Highlands, about 30 miles east of Houston. I currently reside in Mont Belvieu with my husband, Bennie. Together we have four children and five grandchildren, whom we adore!
“My husband and I are travelers. We always made it a priority to take at least a week-long vacation every year with the children as they were growing up. Even when times were tough, we always found a way to get away for at least a week to just be with and enjoy our family. Now that the children are grown and raising their families, our trips are a little nicer than before. We are seven states away from visiting all 50 states. I love New York and take a girls’ trip with my besties every January. Bennie is an avid golfer, so he visits golf courses all over the states. Becoming a travel agent just made sense because of our love for travel and adventure.
“I joined PlanNet Marketing on July 27, 2017 and Hurricane Harvey hit our area hard on August 27, 2017. My focus went from building a team to focusing on my friends and helping where I could.  Thanksgiving Day I came down with the flu and was down for six weeks, and one of my dear childhood friends passed away with an aggressive form of cancer, so I completely lost focus on why I joined PlanNet. Come January, all of my friends affected by the storm were still not completely back in their homes, but many were needing to get away from all the stress and chaos and just have a moment to de-stress, so I began booking trips for them. Then spring break trips came and everyone was so tired of winter that just thinking about summer vacations made them feel warm, so I was booking lots of beach vacations. And I was traveling around a lot, going to ship inspections, attending the Inteletravel convention in Orlando, going to travel shows in the Woodlands and Dallas, and my friends started contacting me, wanting to talk about this travel business I was doing.

“And then the PlanNet convention in Baltimore - how can you not be motivated during and after convention! I was refocused and had wasted enough time and just made a decision - it was time to build my team. I talk with everyone, I also use social media to reach out to people, I have become relentless. I’ve even attempted a few live FB posts (not my favorite marketing tool, but I always get positive feedback). I have stood in front of a mirror for six straight hours practicing the presentation so I could do launch parties and not have to call on anyone for assistance. With the guidance of Director Rachel Russell, I became better with my phone calls to pique interest. I practice daily, while I’m sitting at my computer booking travel, driving in the car, or standing in line at the grocery store…I’m going over the presentation in my head. It is up to me to be successful; no one is going to do it for me! I made the decision. Dream It, Plan It, Work It, Make It Happen!”




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Race to Director - They're On Their Way!

PlanNet Marketing


PlanNet Marketing


Top 10 Directors in Training in the Race,
and on their way to One-Star Director!

1.  Donna Susor
2.  Shanelle Hyman
3.  Craig & Hannah Parker
4.  Catherine Bray
5.  Natisha McCarver
6.  Cophia Jackson
7.  Johnnie Green
8.  Herminia Flores
9.  Jeffrey Bynes
10.  Rosalind Garrard

PlanNet Marketing


Top 10 One-Star Directors with over 200 balanced Active ITAs
Fast Approaching Two-Star Director!

1.  Jassy Mc Bride
2.  Calvin Ellerbe
3.  Korrey Alexander
4.  Vincent Green
5.  Anthony McCarver
6.  Trudel Scott
7.  Derrick & Natalie Alexander
8.  Jennifer Smith
9.  Charles Kindred
10.  LaTeshia Campbell




Eagle Weekend 2018 was held last weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Training on Saturday began with “Moment with a Mentor” - Gold Builders and above had the opportunity to speak with a mentor for specialized attention and advice. At the end of the three-minute session, each person moved on to the next mentor in line! Thank you to all of our amazing mentors and leaders for sharing their knowledge and business-building expertise. Six Figure school followed!


One of the many highlights of this incredible weekend was the presentation of the Presidential Sapphire Rings to Three-Star Directors LaVonda Thornton-Bush and Darryl Bush. LaVonda and husband Darryl have earned these beautiful rings signifying earnings of at least $100K of RESIDUAL annual income! Congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment. The Yacht Cruise followed, where everyone enjoyed a live band, DJ, dinner and dancing!


Capping off this spectacular event was the Midnight Locker Room, Chairman Bradley’s mentorship meeting with Q&A from the group, which did not end until 5:00 am! Another amazing PlanNet Marketing event!  




1. Where were you born and raised; current city; family; hobbies; past business highlights...
I was born in Atlanta, GA, and raised by my mom, with no siblings. Donn is from White Plains, NY and he’s the oldest of four. His parents have been married for over 50 years! That’s what we’re striving for and we are on year 27! We both have a passion for music, which has led me to a career in the music industry for almost 30 years. I started my own gospel record promotions company 17 years ago, Joyful Noise Promotions. Donn is a business analyst in the healthcare industry. We have served in marriage ministry for years and Donn’s love for music has led him to play drums for our worship team at church. We both love sports, going to concerts and movies. We have two awesome children - our son Collin is a recent graduate of The University of Georgia, and our daughter Faith is a rising high school senior.

2. How have you grown or personally developed since joining PlanNet?
I have always been a ‘behind the scenes’ person, and I’m perfectly comfortable in that space. I’m used to working with singers and performers whose careers call for them to be out front. I’ve had to grow as a leader and realize it’s okay for me to be out front. I’m still growing in this area! Donn has grown to not focus so much on negative things, such as rejection, and he now focuses more on how he will respond to those things. As entrepreneurs we will constantly have setbacks, which is part of the process. We have to use these challenges as learning experiences to help us get it right the next time.

3. What drives you; what motivates you?
I am motivated by the fact that God has called us to go great things here on earth. Our daughter has started a youth ministry, REACH, and as I see the lives of many of these young people change for the better, I know that I’m called to help support that ministry. I need to have the financial freedom, as well as time freedom, to do that. What motivates Donn is being able to provide for our family, so that our quality of life will not be in jeopardy. It’s also important to him to be the evidence to family and friends that you can change your life if you’re not satisfied with the path your life is taking.

4. Who would you consider a role model and why?
A wonderful role model for me over the past two and half years has been my mentor and coach, Eileen Ross. I knew Eileen in a previous company, and the Eileen Ross then is not the Eileen Ross we see today. She has a work ethic like no other. After enduring a pretty rough time in her life, going through a divorce and walking away from everything, she made a decision to work harder for herself and her son than she ever had before. I see what these results have yielded her. This same lady two and a half years ago did not know what a travel party was, and now she’s conducting meetings and trainings all over the world. I appreciate seeing first hand what it takes.

Donn’s role model is our former President, Barack Obama. Under pressure, he never got rattled. In highly stressful situations, he always kept the high road. Through it all, he always maintained a loving relationship with his wife and daughters, and that’s what Donn strives to do. Looking at these attributes, I could actually say the same about our founder, Mr. Donald Bradley.

5. The three words that describe you best are:
Three words that describe Tawanda…focused, consistent, reliable. Three words that describe Donn…supportive, loyal, committed.

6. If you had some sound advice to give to anyone what would it be?
Some sound advice that we would give is to “think outside the box!” Don’t get stuck doing things traditionally because it’s always been done that way. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Anything in life worth having will take some level of sacrifice, but to reach true freedom, it’s worth it!

7. What does your life look like five years from now?
Five years from now we will be retired and debt free. We will be high six-figure income earners with PlanNet Marketing, working on seven figures. We will have produced multiple six-figure income earners. We will be supporting causes that we are passionate about, as well as working more in ministry. Of course we will be traveling the world and checking things off our bucket list!




Chairman Donald Bradley recognizes One-Star Directors when they achieve the 150 mark in their team building and are on their way to Two-Star Director. Mr. Bradley will work closely with each Director 1.5 to help them reach the Two-Star level!