Hey PlanNet Reps, 

In today's world we use the Internet for just about everything - it's convenient, but there are risks involved. We have partnered with Hyperwallet's Paylution Portal to make paying you all fast, easy and SAFE! 

In light of several global high-profile data breach events this year, Hyperwallet has chosen to accelerate the rollout of new security-related practices and features for their website and your PlanNet Paylution Portal. 

In the coming days and weeks the following practices and features will be implemented:

  • Forced password changes every 180 days; this will begin with a notification that the current password has expired and must be reset.
  • Disabling of any BackOffice user account that has not been accessed for more than 90 days. Accounts can be re-enabled by calling Production Support.
  • The use of “Captcha” technology during the Account Activation process.
  • Email alerting upon the change of any Wallet or BackOffice account data.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact PlanNet's Paylution division by emailing or you can always call our PlanNet support team or the Paylution Production Support Team.

Thank you!

Amanda Restivo
Manager of Compliance
Paylution Specialist