New 20/20 Club Member Amanda Ruggs Owens shares that she is “from Mobile (Mo-beel), Alabama, home of the Mardi Gras (bet you didn’t know that) and also called the Port City!” She says she is a lover of travel and good eats off the beaten path, and she loves to see cities as a local, not as a tourist. She finds that music is the heart of all things and she uses music to better express who she is.

Amanda traveled extensively for business for about seven years, and has been to almost every major city in America, calling Hartsfield Atlanta Airport her second home! “Now I get to see the world on my terms! My husband and I were lucky enough to experience the Punta Cana Inteletrip at Club Med! First time both of our passports were stamped; so happy we could experience that together! Travel brings out the best in me!”

She continues, “I am achieving success because I have the best sponsor in the world, Mrs. Rasheba McGowan! Believe in the person who introduced you to this business! My calendar (phone and physical) is my lifeline and the only way I can stay on track - not forgetting anything with a full time job and family to take care of. The PlanNet mobile app is a lifesaver with keeping up with your stats and your business partners.”

Amanda says she has achieved success with duplication and goes on to say,  “If possible be ignorance on fire - which simply means don’t overthink, push fear aside, and dive in head first! ALWAYS PLUG IN AND STAY CONSISTENT! Make sure you are copying the right cat! Don’t reinvent the wheel because you will only set yourself back. Create an affirmation and speak it daily! Believe in what you put out into the atmosphere!”

A fun fact! “I am a true southern girl who loves her football! Not only do I watch it, I understand it completely!”