Compliance Corner

PlanNet Marketing and InteleTravel are two separate companies. I know that seems obvious to most of us, but we get a lot of questions about this. Understandably, these two amazing companies have a unique synergy and partnership – one that contributes to the success of each. But we’re still separate companies, with different business models – and that’s a good thing!

When you need information about your downline or commissions earned from selling the ITA business – you call PlanNet Marketing. If an ITA desires information about their upcoming travel bookings or commissions earned from selling travel – they would call InteleTravel.

The two companies are often spoken about together, in the same conversation. If you’re a PlanNet Marketing Rep, you talk about InteleTravel to your prospects because you want to sell them an InteleTravel Agency. As a Rep, you might also invite Rep prospects to PlanNet Rep business meetings and tell them (or show them through a presentation) the options and benefits for enrolling as a Rep with PlanNet Marketing. Just remember – these two options are SEPARATE and prospects can choose one or the other without being required to purchase both, but they can if they desire. This point - the option to choose to participate in either or both of the companies is what makes our business such a success. Let's be very clear in our communications.

PlanNet Marketing offers people the opportunity to enroll as an Independent Marketing Representative, paying an initial fee of $19.95 and $19.95 monthly to have their own Rep business. The Rep sells ITAs ($179.95 enrollment fee, and $39.95 monthly,) and is paid a Direct Sales commission for those sales. A Rep can also build a team of sponsored Reps. 
InteleTravel delivers, trains, and supports the InteleTravel Agency (ITA) with a personalized online travel website and so much more. The ITA sells travel to their clientele of travel customers, and earns travel commissions. 
Some people choose to enroll as a Rep with PlanNet Marketing AND purchase an ITA business. Other people choose to only enroll as a Rep, and others might elect only to purchase an ITA. Remember to be clear and provide full disclosure – both are very exciting independent business opportunities. 


~Amanda Restivo, Manager of Compliance --