Each year on the fourth Thursday in November, Americans gather for a day of feasting, football and family. We can trace this historic American Christian tradition to the year 1623. After the harvest crops were gathered in November, Governor William Bradford of the Pilgrim Colony, Plymouth Plantation, in Plymouth, Massachusetts proclaimed: "All ye Pilgrims with your wives and little ones, do gather at the Meeting House, on the hill… there to listen to the pastor, and render Thanksgiving to the Almighty God for all His blessings."

Thanksgiving should be a holiday in which we, as individuals, focus on our past, our present circumstances, and future endeavors and give thanks. It should be a day to slow down for a few hours, join hands with our family and friends, and truly reflect on how blessed many of us are. 

Please take a moment to read some of the many things your teammates in our PlanNet Marketing family are thankful for ~

I'm thankful for this amazing Company, my 4 Star Director Mr. Orlanda Moore, my Sponsor
Ms. Shaquana Cuttino, my Lifelines Natalie Graham, Keda Mason and Arelisa Hayes, a wonderful team Jasmine Gray, Montrell Woods-Paul, Jessie Shepherd, Melitta Ruffin-Williams, Tynesheia Williams-Hodge, Twanda Woods-Williams, Cerquita Jones, Sherice Lee, Demetrica Johnson, Arenedra Dotson, Lydia Hankins, and Latonya Veal and my Why's, my babies Jaylon and Braylon. I thank God for blessing me with each of you!!!
Natalie Hawkins, Gold Builder, Zachary, LA
Coming from a previous travel opportunity, I am thankful for " Fulfilled Promises". We were promised override travel commissions at certain levels attained, however it never came to fruition in my previous company.
Tim Brown, Gold Builder, Huntsville, AL
So Thankful for the Bradley’s supplying a vehicle for me to supplement my income during a forced retirement. Also, thankful for so many lives that have been changed by this Travel opportunity.
Ima Wideman, One-Star Director, Forney, TX
I would have to say I am Thankful that the Lord brought me to the PlanNet Marketing Family. I have been blessed emotionally, and financially. I look forward to many prosperous years together. 
Melissa Collins, Gold Builder, Conroe, TX
There are several things I am thankful for. The first and foremost thing I am thankful for is My God for giving his son. I am thankful Jesus gave his life for me to be able to have life abundantly, this side of heaven! Another year with my beautiful Mother two time cancer survivor, my Father, survivor of a double bypass, my siblings, children and grandchildren. I am thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Bradley for this amazing opportunity PlanNet Marketing, to meet and learn professional tools that I am able to apply in everyday life from some incredible people. Experience and create unforgettable memories.
Cheryl Clemons – Gold Builder, Oklahoma City, OK

"I am grateful that I know I am truly in the right place at the right time and had the wisdom and courage to 'Take the Shot!'  I am thankful for Mr. Bradley, his vision and commitment, the amazing leadership and support team, as well as the countless individuals who have enriched my life. I am able to live my life on purpose, with a spirit of expectancy, and help others believe again. 
Valencia Tolbert – Gold Builder, College Park, MD
I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be with these two companies in the beginning of their partnership. I'm excited for the future for my family and PlanNet Marketing. The support that my family gives to each other in pursuing our individual passions has always been instrumental in the bond that we share. And, for these two reasons, I can truly say I'm grateful!
Maria Kelley, Gold Builder, Lithonia, GA
Whether we are rich or poor, we have less or more, we thank God because he is in control. Therefore, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Let’s all remain blessed!
Tina Salumu, Support Specialist PlanNet Marketing, Fort-Collins, CO
What comes to my mind is I AM thankful for God's Grace to serve! Happy Thanksgiving,
Sheila Snipes, Gold Builder, Stafford, VA
I am always thankful that the Lord has kept my family physically and mentally healthy another year. I am particularly thankful this year for Donald and Deborah Bradley for creating a company where we can all win for our families and be a blessing to others. Happy Thanksgiving!
Tawanda Shamley, One-Star Director, Conyers, GA
I am so thankful and blessed that God wanted the very best for me and brought me PlanNet Marketing. I have witnessed countless confirmations that I am right where I'm supposed to be. It's so amazing to be surrounded by people who are loving, supportive, intelligent, focused and strong entrepreneurs. Last but not least I am thankful for Donald Bradley trusting in the Lord and having the faith to step out on his own to bless so many. Peace and blessings to all.
Tanisha Burke, Gold Builder, Rockledge, FL
I'm thankful for you, LisaMarie. You are a wonderful servant leader and I appreciate you.
Thank you for all you do.
Gail S. Johnson, Gold Builder, Lithonia, GA
I am thankful that God has blessed me to be a blessing to many others. Great health, great wealth and a great life.
Melodie Washington, Two-Star Director, Atlanta, GA
I'm thankful for life and all it has offered me in 2016!
Justin Stone, Support Specialist PlanNet Marketing, Seminole, OK

What I am truly Thankful for is a REAL opportunity to WIN!! Some opportunities offer the "pie in the sky" dream, but Mr. Bradley and the PlanNet Marketing Leadership offer a real real opportunity for everyone to win!!! The more people I share this opportunity with, and the more they share, and they share and they share, We all win! I am thankful for the whole PlanNet Marketing family!
Harold Leverett, Gold Builder, Oklahoma City, OK
I am thankful for my family, friends and my PlanNet family and friends. I am thankful to have been blessed with the opportunity to work alongside Donald and Deborah Bradley. I am thankful for our Customer Support Team here at PlanNet that feels like family, that I rely on every day.
LeAnn Troeckler, Chief Operations Officer, PlanNet Marketing, Staunton, IL
First and foremost, we are thankful for our life, health and strength.  Secondly, we are eternally grateful and thankful for Mr. Bradley's vision/dream and Mrs. Bradley's support of him pursuing the dream.  Lastly, but most definitely not least, we are thankful for the relationships that we have gained as a result of being a part of this great movement.  The journey has not always been easy, but it has been so fulfilling and rewarding.  It is such an amazing feeling to share an opportunity with others that could potentially change their lives!  We wish everyone on the "PlanNet" a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
Bernard and Cynthia Hampton, Three-Star Director, Miami, FL
Hey Want To Say I'm Thankful For Life! I Am Thankful That God Has Used Me To Impact Lives and help Others live Their Lives On Purpose! I am Thankful for My Family,My Team, My Sponsor JP Watkins! I Am Thankful For Donald and Deborah Bradley, Andy Cauthen, LeAnn Troeckler, James Ferrara And Their Vision! I’m Thankful And Grateful For PlanNet Marketing!
Tiffany McIntosh, Two-Star Director, Copley, OH
I joined this business on July 26, 2016 and I launched on August 8, 2016 becoming a Bronze Builder on the same day, then September 1, 2016, I hit Silver, and October 17,  2016, I hit Gold.  All I can say is Thank You to the Bradleys, to Mrs. Bradley for sharing her husband with all of us and for understanding the time it take to run a successful business.  To Mr. Bradley for having the vision and the platform. I have never moved thru a company this fast, and to be able to work my way to financial freedom, I am forever thankful.
Niccole Bowles, Gold Builder, Garfield Heights, OH

We are Thankful for life, health and strength, our family and friends. We are Thankful that God allowed us to see another day. We are thankful for being a part of an amazing organization which has and is still changing our life.
Joey and Pamela Jackson, Gold Builder, Stockbridge, GA 
I am thankful for my supportive, loving family, friends, this wonderful company I work for and all the tremendous people that make the dream possible. I could not be more blessed than I am right now. I love you all!
Sarah Muscarella, Supervisor of Rep Support, PlanNet Marketing, Marinette, WI
We are definitely thankful for our family and friends that have become our family!
Edmond and Deneene Brown, Gold Builders, Fayetteville, GA
I am thankful for the gift of life!
Monique Randall, Gold Builder, Mitchellville, MD
We are truly thankful for our family, faith, life, health, genuine relationships, our amazing team, and the opportunity to be connected with the members and leadership of PlanNet Marketing. 
Shontina Gladney, Gold Builder, Montgomery, IL
I am truly thankful  for my daughter, it's because of her WHY I will always be pushing for the WIN.  She has given me a purpose. Thank you Lord for my big WHY and for Mr. Donald  Bradley and his vision.
Dinea Mahoney, Gold Builder, Baltimore, MD
I am thankful for PlanNet Marketing for so many reasons.  It's impossible to name all of what I have been blessed with but to name a few we have the absolute best culture here. I have never felt so much love and support from upline, downline, sideline, and even the corporate staff.  Everyone is willing to help no matter if a commission check is attached to it or not.  I am also thankful for the leadership, we have do it first leaders that are truly paving the way and not forgetting about us and sharing their amazing success tips.  I am thankful for Mr. Donald Bradley and his vision of prosperity and his spirit of excellence, it is truly contagious!  I am thankful for the future that I see with PlanNet Marketing and can't wait to see what the next several years have for me and my family for generations to come!
Lavonda Thornton, One-Star Director, Houston, TX
I am always thankful for my amazingly supportive family and this year I am also thankful to be a new member of the PlanNet Marketing family.  Everyone from Corporate to our awesome Reps in the field have welcomed me with open arms, making each day a true blessing.
Angela Geisen, Support Specialist PlanNet Marketing, Godfrey, IL

My dad used to say, 'We have so much to be thankful for,' and we do! There are a lot of number ones on my list - like a loving wife, family, friends, health, a great business and corporate team, and the simple comforts of life. But ranking way up there, I am thankful to be living in the USA, and the freedom and liberties afforded us. And we are able to do so because of the men and women of our military, active, veterans, and those who have left us - who have fought to defend those freedoms and liberties. God bless them all.
Andy Cauthen, PlanNet Marketing President and CEO, Collinsville, Illinois
I am thankful for PlanNet Marketing, Donald Bradley, his vision, and the opportunity to be a part of this amazing company. I am also thankful for Andy Cauthen, LeAnn Troeckler and the entire leadership and support team. Last but not least, James Ferrara and InteleTravel. I am thankful for my team and their families. I am thankful for my family for being so supportive and understanding during my PlanNet Marketing run. Happy Thanksgiving.
Trudy Scott, One-Star Director, Atlanta, GA
Most importantly, I am thankful for life, health and strength. I am thankful for my wonderful parents, Bernard and Cynthia Hampton, who brought me into this world. Thank you for leading, guiding and supporting me with everything I do. I am thankful for my amazing husband and kids. Thank you for being patient and understanding when I am away from home working to better our lives. I am thankful for my sister, Aarika Hampton. Thank you for being my best friend and accountability partner. I am thankful for Mr. Shedrick White. Thank you for taking me under your wing, pushing me out of my comfort zone and showing me how to make it to the top. I am thankful for all of my business partners. Thank you for helping me to live my dream life.  And last, but not least, I am thankful for Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bradley. Thank you for your incredible vision and giving me the opportunity to own my own business and be financially free! THANK YOU!
Ashley Hampton, One-Star Director, Miami, FL
Thankful for Mr. Donald Bradley for making his vision a reality. Many lives have been and are being changed with this opportunity. Thankful for my coach and mentor Ms. Eileen Ross. You have made yourself available to me and supported me, even during moments that you designated for yourself and your family. Thanks for listening when I needed to vent and for pushing me when I needed to be pushed. Thankful to my sponsor Ms. Velecia Middlebrooks for the support and encouragement. Thankful to ALL directors and sideline business partners for the nuggets that have been shared with me. Thankful to Mr. Ferrara for the impeccable product you have provided us with. Thankful for my team, Team Elite, for believing in me enough to partner with me. I would not be where or who I am without you! Last but not least, thankful to my family, my riders, for their love and support. Without you by my side, my journey thus far and to come would not be possible.
Catherine Small, Gold Builder, Charlotte, NC
I am thankful for my two boys and I have been so blessed to be a part of the best place on the PlanNet! Here is to a great 2017!
Jennifer Jeffries, Support Specialist PlanNet Marketing, Godfrey, IL
I'm so very thankful for Thankfulness! An attitude of gratitude can change relationships, situations, even your perspective on life. This entire month I'm greeted with daily "thankful" posts in my social media feed. What a refreshing choice. It's easy to complain, to blame and to get upset - but thankfulness creates positivity and contentment wherever it goes.
Amanda Restivo, Manager of Compliance PlanNet Marketing, East Alton, IL

I am so thankful for everyone I have met in this incredible journey of changing lives! Being able to help bless families with freedom and memories is priceless! 
Amy Uribe, Gold Builder, Galveston, TX
Just thankful for the blessing that is PlanNet Marketing!
Cynthia Shelton, One-Star Director, Atlanta, GA
I am thankful for being blessed with an opportunity that will allow me to retire early from corporate America by gaining financial freedom through a home-based business! Thank you so much for your vision Mr. and Mrs. Bradley!
Erinn Elzie, One-Star Director, Charlotte, NC
I’m thankful for the leadership and honesty from PlanNet Marketing.
Cassandra Davis, Gold Builder, Harvest, AL
I am thankful to be a part of a company that gives the average person a chance to live out their dreams with a vehicle to make those dreams a reality. I am thankful for the life-changing relationships that I have been blessed to build with PlanNet Marketing both business and personal, and I am truly thankful for my three lovely daughters and grandson who make life truly worth living.
Robert Michael Banks, Jr, One-Star Director, Baltimore, MD
I would like to say that I am thankful that God put not only this opportunity in my path, but the people who are looking for a business to supplement their income, and the leadership who are training, coaching, and teaching us how to be successful in this industry!  Thanks.
Carlisa Jones, Gold Builder, Baltimore, MD
PlanNet Marketing is a great vehicle to ride to a brighter future. I am truly blessed to represent Inteletravel and PlanNet Marketing.
Lisa Ritchie, Gold Builder, Peck Slip Station, NY
There is one word I have that describes how I feel about PlanNet Marketing, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bradley's vision and this opportunity to help change not only my life but the lives of others... Grateful! Wishing you and yours a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.
Wandra M. Hammond, Gold Builder, Decatur, GA
I'm thankful that I can go out every day and talk with people about another way to live. 
Tony Fleming, Three-Star Director, Smyrna, GA
I am thankful for my support system: a circle of family, friends and business partners.
Joy Dawkins, One-Star Director, Atlanta, GA

I am thankful for so many things. I am most thankful for my relationship with God, my family and my friends. I also am thankful for opportunities that come my way and so I am thankful for PlanNet Marketing.
Lisa Hawkes, Gold Builder, Baltimore, MD
The world is round and the place where it seems like the end is only the beginning. Be thankful today!!
Walter & Tiffany Powell, Three-Star Director, Atlanta, GA
The Magees are thankful for Mr. and Mrs. Bradley creating an opportunity for people to be in position to truly win in this industry with people who generally love working together with synergy, regardless if they are upline or sideline! It's a pleasure and an honor being a Director with PlanNet Marketing! We are blessed and very thankful!
Eric and Jamila Magee, One-Star Director, Shorewood, WI
Sooo...thankful to know. The place to be happy is here. The time to be happy is now. The way to be happy is to help make others happy.
Cynthia Leftwich, Gold Builder, Detroit, MI
So blessed and thankful to be able to provide another way of life for my family; teaching my children that there is so much more in the world to explore. My God first, family second, and everything else will fall into place.
Amanda R Owens, Gold Builder, Mobile, AL
I am most thankful for the "time" that God is allowing me to be here on earth.  Everyday that I am granted gives me another chance to be a better mother, sister, daughter, cousin, niece, aunt, friend, business partner, and leader.  Oh...and of course a better network marketer and travel agent must be included!
Angela Miller, Gold Builder, Little Rock, AR
Some of the things I am most thankful for in being a part of PlanNet Marketing is the opportunity to help others along with driving in another source of income in my home. As being a single mom of nine kids, the PlanNet Marketing vehicle has allowed me to offer not only my three biological children but also my six foster children an experience in traveling all over the world. I am truly thankful for PlanNet Marketing and I am looking forward to many more years of growth.
Nikki Jackson, Gold Builder, Tomball, TX

I am grateful for family, options and change.  
Tonya Parker Fulwood, Gold Builder, Upper Marlboro, MD
I never thought I could earn residual income and be able to grow my business in a short period of time, for this I am thankful.
Shaketta Giles, Gold Builder, Atlanta, GA
PlanNet Marketing has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! Working for corporate America for several years for someone else and now to be an actual business owner has truly been life-changing!
Jassy Mc Bride, One-Star Director, Smyrna, GA
I am thankful to be partnered with Leaders who go beyond just caring that families can reach financial security, these Leaders actively and consistently work to make sure that everyone who wants to win for their families can do so at PlanNet Marketing.
Tandisizwe Rhone, Two-Star Director, Los Angeles, CA

Needless to say, there's a list of things that I'm thankful for. First of all, I'm thankful for life, good health,and strength. I'm thankful for my amazing children who are the love of my life. I'm thankful for great relationships. I'm definitely thankful for our Founder and Visionary, Mr. Donald Bradley and Mrs. Deborah Bradley. I’m thankful for the entire PlanNet Marketing family.
Orlanda Moore, Four-Star Director, Huntsville, AL
When I think of this season of Thanksgiving, I have to take time to truly thank my Savior for such an amazing opportunity. I am so thankful and appreciative for the PlanNet Marketing opportunity, for our Founders and visionaries Donald and Deborah Bradley. I am grateful for the entire PlanNet Marketing and InteleTravel support teams, Reps and Directors who help and support to make this the most amazing opportunity on the planet. I am so appreciative and thankful for my amazing leadership team… each and every Director in my organization from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.
Shedrick White, Four-Star Director, Atlanta, GA
Life is a blessing! I am grateful for my amazing family, friends and PlanNet Marketing family. Without you all I wouldn’t be able to enjoy all the pleasures this wonderful life has to offer.
LisaMarie Klinger, Manager of Marketing Special Projects, Fort Myers FL
I’m thankful for a home…for a place where I can do business with some of the most amazing people on the PlanNet and live out my dreams!  Thank you Mr. Donald Bradley for caring enough to lead the way to freedom.  Thank you God for an opportunity to make a difference! I am...Thankful!
Ferne Sapp, Three-Star Director, Atlanta, GA
The things I'm thankful for: 1) The strong bonds of love and respect within and among my family; 2) air travel; 3) living in this place, at this time in history; 4) chocolate ice cream; 5) a hot shower; 6) I've been to Africa, touched the Leaning Tower of Pisa, walked on Machu Picchu, seen the Northern Lights within the Arctic Circle; 7) the unquenchable love of my daughter; 8) nailed that skydive landing; 9) my tribe; 10) God's mercy.
Sandra Myricks, Gold Builder, Victorville, CA
I am Thankful for the PlanNet Marketing powerful opportunity and of course the field leadership as well as the corporate leadership teams.  I am Thankful for the ENTIRE PLANNET FAMILY!
Kwanya Martin, One-Star Director, Atlanta, GA

I'm thankful for my relationship with God, daughter, family, friends and my PlanNet Marketing team and family. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to help change people’s lives around the world. I'm thankful for this business opportunity that has connected me to so many people that have blessed me with their wisdom, training and relationships. These relationships have enriched my life in so many ways. I'm thankful for the ability to travel the world and help others to fulfill their dreams and goals to travel. I'm thankful for just being alive!
Letoria Mayberry, Two-Star Director, Huntsville, AL
I am thankful for not having to rely on anyone else, but having the opportunity to take control of my future, take control of my destiny, take control of the legacy I leave for my kids and my future grandkids. I'm forever thankful for the vision of Mr. Donald Bradley and the leadership of Mr. Orlanda Moore and Mr. Gregory Scott for putting in place a duplicatable system so not only can I be successful, but I am able to empower loved ones and complete strangers alike to win for their families as well!
Lynn Hendricks, Gold Builder, Atlanta, GA
I'm so thankful of being blessed and highly favored. Thankful for my family, PlanNet Marketing family, my Leadership and most of all I'm thankful that I'm not the same person I was a year ago!
Jackie Pickett, Gold Builder, Waldorf, MD
I am thankful for the leadership of the organization and how they pour into all of us and I am thankful for my expanding vision of myself and my possibilities!
Anita Jackson, Ozone Park, NY
I am thankful for the opportunity to positively affect so many lives.
Timothy Brown, One-Star Director, Lithonia, GA
We are thankful for what this business is doing for our family and the others that we have shared it with, in travel, additional finances, and personal development.
Rachael & Michael Young, Gold Builders, Duluth, GA
I'm so grateful to God for introducing me to PlanNet Marketing. This business has given me the opportunity to grow into my best self. God is creating my greatness using this business. I'm being pushed and stretched spiritually and mentally. I've had to see the truth of who I am in order to move towards who I am to become. I'm grateful to my sponsor, Zelma McKinney, for loving me enough to push and stretch me in every area of my life. I'm grateful to Mr. Donald Bradley for loving me enough, even though he hadn't met me, to build a vehicle so me and my family can win. I'm grateful he chose the corporate staff to assist him in building this vehicle. I'm grateful to all my upline, sideline, and downline partners. We are truly one PlanNet Marketing family. One band, one sound. I won't let anyone down. I will win for us all!
Melinda Brown, Gold Builder, West Dundee, IL
I started my travel agent business in December 2015; it's one of the best decisions I've ever made! It's given me the platform to earn more income on top of my current salary, in turn has allowed me to be able to pay off bills, buy groceries, purchase gas, enjoy discounts in all that is related to the generous world of travel, as well gain control of my saving. I always knew I wanted to be my own boss, but this opportunity is paving the way for a very prosperous future, changing me progressively in all areas of my life. PlanNet Marketing has helped me to believe in my dream of becoming a millionaire again while being able to enjoy my passion ~ travel!"
Reona Burl, Alexandria, VA

I want to send a very special heartfelt thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bradley for all that they have done and the phenomenal platform that has been created.  A very special thank you to my sponsor, Ms. Ann Jones and to all of the Founding Directors for providing a positive life-changing environment!  God bless and so grateful, 
Ms. Adrian D. Ferguson, Montgomery Village, MD
I'm thankful for Donald Bradley and his vision and Andy Cauthen for the partnership with Mr.  Bradley.  Thankful for my upline team beginning with Eileen Ross and Tawanda Shamley, not to mention I’m  thankful to my team for trusting and believing in me.  And most importantly my family for their patience and understanding when I'm busy with the business.  Love you all.  Can't wait for next year!!!!
Courtney Watkins, College Park, GA
I am thankful for PlanNet Marketing because this time last year my circle was small. I was not sure that I could…never believing that I would… silently resting on my dreams....prayed up but looking down. Today my circle is global; I am certain that I can...know that I will...I've got my dreams by the coattail! I'm prayed up…looking up...I am proud to say that the last few months with this business opportunity have been the most transformational months of a lifetime for me! And for that I am thankful!
Lawanda Baker, Alabaster, AL
Marcus and LaFlower Bowie are thankful for our faith, family and friends. We also give thanks for PlanNet Marketing because it has given us a new life in Network Marketing and a chance to truly change our lives for generations to come.
Marcus & LaFlower Bowie, Gold Builders, Richmond, TX
I'm thankful for God to grace me with the blessings of abundant life. Thankful for Donald Bradley’s vision and creation PlanNet Marketing!!!!
LaDonna Spratley, One-Star Director, Decatur, GA
I am very thankful for many things this year. I am thankful for Michael Marczak for loving me and giving the support I need no matter what. I want to thank Donald and Deborah Bradley for taking that chance and allowing me to be a part of it. I want to thank James Ferrara who teamed up with PlanNet and allowed me to open my mind to the possibilities of travel and freeing people who are open-minded and ambitious. Lastly, I want to thank Team Limitless and Tiffany McIntosh for being my family. They say that family is not always blood and I know that this new family loves me and wants us all to succeed. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone’s family. Love,
Pasqualina DiVito, Parma, OH
I am thankful for my success coach, Joy L. Dawkins for her leadership and patience.
Celestine 'Celeste' Christie, Gold Builder, Conyers, GA
Thank God!!!
Donald Bradley, Chairman & Founder -  PlanNet Marketing, Atlanta, GA