More scary truths that are keeping you and your PlanNet Marketing business safe:

The Scary Truth - Someone is Out to Get You and Your Business!  I’m not talking about crazy people lurking around corners, waiting to attack. This is more along the lines of the way we present our business and product. Unintentional errors in your presentation could be detrimental to our whole company. 

It’s important that we all have a clear understanding of our PlanNet business, and its relationship with InteleTravel. PlanNet Marketing and InteleTravel are two separate businesses with different products to offer – we need to know what we’re selling here, people.

PlanNet Marketing recruits independent Reps who earn commissions by selling the PlanNet Marketing product: The InteleTravel ITA (Independent Travel Agency.) PlanNet Marketing supports that PlanNet Rep and provides tools for the Rep to become successful in their PlanNet business. 

InteleTravel delivers the ITA business and website - fulfills it, supports the ITA in business, trains the travel agent, and provides the tools necessary for the ITA to succeed in selling travel.  The ITA sells travel and earns travel commissions. 

At a PlanNet Marketing business presentation meeting, the audience is made up of PlanNet Reps and guests of PlanNet Reps. They are there to learn about the PlanNet Rep business opportunity, and to see the product that they will be selling, which is the InteleTravel ITA business. (There is no "travel training" at a PlanNet Marketing business presentation, only the presentation of the product: the InteleTravel ITA business.)

PlanNet Marketing trains PlanNet Reps on how to sell travel agencies; InteleTravel trains InteleTravel ITAs on how to sell travel.

"Product" training by a PlanNet Marketing qualified instructor is all about the product that a PlanNet Rep sells - which is the InteleTravel ITA/Independent Travel Agency. The PlanNet Rep class instructor should describe the product that PlanNet Reps sell, show all the features and advantages of the ITA business, show the InteleTravel ITA website, how it works, the tools and training modules offered to the ITA, and the travel commission opportunity, but the instructor should not train how to be a successful travel agent. Travel agent training comes from InteleTravel.

At your PlanNet business presentation meetings or any other time, you can have “Product Training” or “Marketing Training,” which is for the ITA product that you’ll be selling as a PlanNet Rep… but NOT “Travel Training,” where the curriculum might include “How to book group cruises,” or “How to create travel customers,” or “How to earn travel commissions.” Marketing Training (how to build your PlanNet Rep business and SELL the ITA business) is the job of PlanNet Marketing; Travel Training is the job of InteleTravel, and they do an excellent job of that. PlanNet Reps sell a travel business; InteleTravel Agents sell travel.

Is PlanNet in the travel business? CERTAINLY! We don’t sell “travel,” but we do offer a Rep business that will afford you the opportunity to travel the world, AND we sell a Travel Business that you can sell OR BUY, and enjoy all the advantages of being an independent travel agent!

Remember, someone is always watching (you have an audience at every meeting, people) and we must constantly be vigilant in the way we present our product and company. 

~Amanda Restivo, Manager of Compliance --