A native and resident of Asheville, North Carolina, I have managed the family business, a medical practice, for the last 24 years. I have always been interested in additional streams of income but I vowed to stay away from network marketing after several failed attempts in the health and wellness industry. Trying to convince people to add an additional $160 a month to their household budget was not easy.  I saw a Bahama cruise on Facebook posted by my sponsor, Terra Lyles. She  asked if she could show me how to travel and make money. I said YES and joined her team within one week. 

Since I've been involved with PlanNet I have enjoyed the amazing benefits of being a travel professional! I have traveled to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and cruised with Carnival to the Bahamas with three of my travel partners. I am looking forward to traveling the planet!  I enjoy shopping, sightseeing and spending time with my girlfriends and family.  I am the founder of FAITH GIRL, The Identity Brand, that encourages girls and women to live their best life now in every area - physically, spiritually and financially. 

Having managed a medical practice for the last 24 years and managing a $70k monthly budget I am truly grateful to own a business with ZERO overhead! I feel privileged to have learned about the opportunity and I am in awe of the graciousness of Donald Bradley and his leadership team to offer such a gift.

MY TIPS: Keep it fun and travel as much as you possibly can!  Use the power of social media to share your story. People are tired and looking for a way out of the rat race. WE HAVE THE ANSWER!  I pound Facebook with pictures of my travel adventures.  They may not like my status but they see my status…and they will eventually ask how I am able to travel so much and I can't wait to share the answer.

I love the PS3 system. I love the opportunity to pique someone's interest based on what they say and where they are in their life. Are they tired of their job? Did they just pay full price for their vacation? Do they wish they could travel more?  I always ask for a 15 minute appointment to share the eight-minute video so that I can do a three way call. I absolutely love the PlanNet Mobile App! It lets me know that they have viewed the presentation and exactly how much of it they viewed. They can't lie LOL. I connect with my senior business partners Terra Lyles and David Washington immediately after the video and I'm quiet. I let them do the work.

Set goals for yourself! I do not want to work 9-5 another day in my life.  I have positioned myself to live on less so that it won't take much for me to accomplish this goal. I am building for One-Star Director by the 2017 Vegas convention! Plus I've had my heart set on that navy PlanNet Director Blazer size 6 (size 6…well that's another goal) from the first day I saw one presented. 

I am grateful for this opportunity and I plan to help as many people live financially free that will allow me. I see this as a tool to fund my FAITH GIRL brand, to help families become financially free and to see the world!  I believe in keeping my pipeline full. I'm always striking up a conversation, exposing someone to a video, sending someone a follow up text message and trying to book a trip.  I'm having a great time in spite of the no's!


Although born in Indio, California, I spent my formative years and currently reside in Little Rock, Arkansas. As an alumnus of the historical LR Central High School and GA Tech in Atlanta, my dream was to get a "good job" and settle down to raise a family. However, my innate entrepreneurial spirit always left me feeling like I was supposed to be on a different path. I have previously owned a restaurant in addition to co-owning a custom blinds business. When I was reintroduced to the network marketing industry almost two years ago I knew I had found my niche. I say "reintroduced," because most of us were probably introduced to multi-level marketing decades ago. Consequently, if you are like me, the light bulb just didn't come on at that time. I had to experience my own paradigm shift.

I am forever grateful for PlanNet Marketing and its superb leadership, as it has truly awakened me to a higher level of consciousness in achieving new goals and teaching my 14-year-old twin sons how to strive for an ideal life that includes more than traditional education. Mr. Donald Bradley has provided a brilliant platform in which to create wealth by empowering others.  

I do love to travel but was not in a financial position to experience many vacations. I did, however, have the chance to visit my younger sister in Paris and Lyon, France, several years ago which was nothing short of amazing. Fast forward to years later, and I now have vast opportunities to travel in our business. Yet, what I enjoy most about our company is sharing the gift of entrepreneurship. I was asked to give a fun fact about myself. I actually took boxing lessons for a few months last year! It was so much fun in addition to an extremely challenging workout!

If there is any advice I could share with others who desire to reach the 20/20 Club in PlanNet Marketing, it would be the following key points...which I am definitely still working on myself!

1.  Plug in to the calls and into your leadership.
2.  Do PS3s and travel parties.
3.  Work on self development.
4.  Attend the big events.