Top 5 PlanNet Marketing Income Earners: “Leaders Among Leaders”

4-Star Director Shedrick White

4-Star Director Shedrick White attributes his success to a few simple principles and philosophies, which he shares here: “Find a need and meet it, find a hurt and heal it, find a problem and solve it. Through this business we have the ability to serve people. Service to many is what leads to greatness. You can have anything in this world you want by simply helping enough people get what they want."  

“Model what you want your team to do... be a ‘do-it-first leader,’ be the example. Don't tell your team what to do, simply model and show them what to do. 

Director White’s passions are working with his team and building his business, reading empowering books and self-development, traveling with good friends, going to a great spa, attending live sporting events when time permits, listening to live music, and attending plays. He has traveled extensively throughout most of the cities in the United States and loves to visit any place tropical and warm… the Caribbean, Mexico, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.

Shedrick White is a native of Columbus, Ohio and currently resides in Atlanta, GA.


3-Star Director Orlanda Moore

3-Star Director and PlanNet Marketing Founders Club member Orlanda Moore comes from a very humble beginning. From a small town called Century, FL he always had big goals and dreams. 

He spent his entire young adult life serving our country.  After 22 years of military service, fighting for the freedoms that we enjoy in the U.S. and abroad, he now fights for financial freedom. His weapons of choice are the travel and network marketing industries,which he has been a part of the past nine years.

Orlanda trained, coached, and developed America’s sons and daughters as a United States Army Drill Sergeant.  He now trains, coaches, and develops leaders and individuals who desire to win for their families. 

He fully understands and believes that not a single person can achieve anything of greatness alone. It’s all about empowering others. Known for his focus and self discipline, Orlanda’s motto is: I don’t make excuses, nor do I accept them. 

Orlanda is a single parent and currently resides in Huntsville, AL  with his two children.


3-Star Director Ann Jones

3-Star Director Ann Jones is a native Washingtonian who now resides in Bowie, MD. She is happily married for over 30 years to Daryl Jones and has two adult boys. Her husband and children have been completely supportive of her business journey. Ann’s role model was her mother, a corporate executive, a strong leader with a passion for helping the community. Ann has been called the ultimate professional who always strives for excellence in all she does.

Prior to joining the network marketing industry, Ann built a career as an IT professional where she led the  implementation of large and high profile projects costing in excess of $10 million.  She has trained thousands in the corporate world and presented plans to Board members and several times to a congressional subcommittee.

It was only natural for her to excel in network marketing with these talents. She is an accomplished trainer, presenter, recruiter, builder, and a technical guru. Not only does she have a strong work ethic, she loves to have fun.  Whether it is bowling, watching movies, playing games, or going to a party . . . Ann can keep you laughing and having a good time . . . just ask some of her team members!

Ann loves to travel and has visited several incredible places - Paris, Costa Rica, Mexico, and many islands in the Caribbean. With her love for travel, she started her travel/network marketing business in 2005. Two months after enrolling, she quit her six-figure federal government job. Ann is a risk taker, but she also knows how to make a quick decision when she knows that something makes perfect sense.

Director Jones joined PlanNet Marketing on October 26, 2015 and became a 1-Star Director on the first day . . . a 2-Star Director 20-days later . . . and a 3-Star Director 20-days after that! She is a Pioneer and Founders Club member and received the Sapphire Ring in her first 60 days. She attributes her quick success to the following key ingredients:

  • Success Principle #1:  Build For A Purpose Greater Than You.  Having a purpose is the great overcomer because it changes how you think, which changes your attitude and how you act. You don’t think can’t.  Instead, you think must. It is only then that you begin to believe and see yourself already there. Your clear vision becomes the roadmap that unlocks the door to your future.  Everything else is just a job with you performing tasks. There is a difference between interest and commitment.  When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something.  You accept no excuses; only results!
  • Success Principle #2:  Find a Coach/Mentor and Duplicate Success.  Trying to figure it out by yourself and adding your own creative touches to do it your comfortable way will leave you comfortable and broke. Find a coach and mentor who has experienced what you want to accomplish and is willing to teach you. Execute the advice given. When I first entered network marketing, I was so uncoachable. It was not until I decided to follow the advice given (without question), that I began to experience record breaking growth. There is a saying “It’s okay to be a copycat, so long as you copy the right cat.” I became a great copycat. In the moments that I did not have a mentor/coach, I simply copied what I saw the great leaders doing. I became a master copycat.
  • Success Principle #3:  Pay The Price For Success.  The price for success is time. Many of us are unwilling to pay a small price of our time to gain more time to free ourselves. I knew that if I could get more of my time back, I could . . . have more . . . do more . . . and help more.  In essence, have a greater impact that was bigger than myself – my Purpose. Successful people know that to have anything that you want in life (e.g., promotion, more money, a new home), a price must be paid. It is only when you decide to pay the price that your wish can become a dream fulfilled.
  • Success Principle #4:  Success Requires Action and a Strong Work Ethic.  There is a quote by Abraham Lincoln that states “Good things come to those who wait, but only those things left by those who hustle.”  My mom instilled a very strong work ethic in me at a very early age.  She taught me to not look for handouts, but to be the person who can give handouts and lift ups.  It is only in the dictionary where success comes before work. Success is hard, but being broke is harder. When you do more than what is expected, it is only then that you can rise above the crowd and soar like an eagle.

Ann has always been a go getter and a follower of the Most High, saying, “Yes, it is a personal relationship that nothing can get in between.” She says that she has truly been blessed and today she lives to be a blessing to others.


3-Star Director J.P. Watkins

Three-Star Director JP Watkins is PlanNet Marketing’s first Director from the state of Texas, a six-figure Top 5 income earner, and the number three female earner on the PlanNet!

A native of Dayton, OH,  Ms. Watkins is called the “Director Diva” and the “Freedom Fighter.” She is a beloved daughter, sister, aunt, motivational speaker, business coach, mentor, entrepreneur, top industry network marketer and a proud member of the Eastside Church of Christ in Forney, TX.  And… she loves to cook!

Director Watkins is a graduate of both Southwestern Christian College and Texas Southern University where she served as Miss Texas Southern University 95-96 and went on to represent all HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) as Miss Collegiate African American 96-97 featured in Ebony magazine. She is passionate about women’s empowerment, proudly wearing the badges of strength, faith, character, conviction, honesty and courage when it comes to empowering women to stay true to who they are - without compromise.

Corporate America and JP parted ways in 2014, when she was laid off with over a decade’s experience as a property manager and national sales trainer. She opted never to turn back, hired herself, and as they say in Texas, she “took her destiny by the horns!” Director Watkins offers this advice, “ I did not become successful over a short time -  it's been a seven-year grind, working on myself just as hard as I work the business. The personal development is first! Many try to cut down trees with a dull axe. We must sharpen it first, then cut down the trees. Three keys things are personal development, listening to coaching and mentorship, and having an amazing and consistent work ethic. 

Clearly define your 'WHY' and master the PS3!  3-way calls are completely under-practiced. And people are holding back their success not doing them. Third party validation is key and essential to buy in. Lastly stay positive and raise your belief! Don't sweat the small stuff. Know who you are and whose child you are. Remember it's all part of your journey. And it can happen for you.” 

In addition to her enviable work ethic and determination, JP attributes her success to her God, her mentor Mr. Donald Bradley, her parents and her amazing team!


3-Star Director Eileen Ross

3-Star Director Eileen Ross is originally from Detroit, Michigan, and has resided in Atlanta, GA for the past 16 years. Eileen says,” I have an amazing son, Camren, and he is a graduating high school senior on his way to college!”

Eileen continues, “I love to TRAVEL (go figure!) and I also like to exercise, dance, read and I love the outdoors!!  My travel experiences include many of the Caribbean islands (Bermuda, Aruba, Turks & Caicos, St. Martin, St. Thomas, Cayman Islands), several Mexican destinations (Cancun, Mazatlan, Cozumel, Cabo San Lucas, Cuernavaca), Jamaica as well as Madrid, Spain and Cannes and Monaco, France.”

Director Ross says, “My success in PlanNet Marketing stems from my desire to help others. It started with realizing that my love of travel can be realized by being a part of the travel industry and educating myself on destinations and niche markets.  It then evolved into understanding the income potential of helping others plan their dream vacation and then it occurred to me that so many others would LOVE this same opportunity!!  Sharing is caring and I am passionate about everyone I meet to "come out of the ordinary" and realize that you were born to have an extraordinary life!!  This business has allowed me to meet and work with some amazing people and set the stage for the legacy company we are on our way to becoming!”