Congratulations 20/20 Club!


To become a PlanNet Marketing 20/20 Club Member, you must produce 20 direct ITA sales. And those sales will create 20 Independent Travel Agents with the opportunity to build and profit from a home-based travel business in the most exciting industry on the planet! Featured below are five of PlanNet Marketing’s amazing 20/20 Club Members! Watch for more 20/20 features in upcoming issues of your PlanNetNow! blog!

Shaunte Garrett

Shaunte Garrett lives in Nashville, TN by way of Oakland, CA. She LOVES TRAVELING,  ministry, watersports, live music, cooking, football and mentoring.She has had an opportunity to go to Hawaii twice (once for the Pro Bowl), Mexico, Jamaica and half of the states in the US.

Shaunte says, “I've learned that being excited about my business has sparked excitement in others and being educated about what this opportunity can give has made PlanNet attractive to my prospects."

"Talking to my up line Tawanda Shamley every day, reading and staying plugged in has increased my posture and allowed me to have a level of success such as the 20/20 Club which is still only the  beginning. I've been in radio for 15 years so people used to know me as the "Radio Lady" but now they know me as the "Radio Lady who gets paid to travel!" Stay tuned!"


Gail Johnson

20/20 Club Member Gail Johnson is originally from Atlanta, GA and currently residing in Lithonia, GA (metro Atlanta). Her interests are music (singing, dancing, listening), sports (all types, including playing basketball and racing the neighborhood kids!) and ALL THING TRAVEL.

She explains, “ I fell in love with travel when my grandparents took us on trips every year as children. I experienced my first plane ride as a senior in high school and have been addicted ever since. My love for travel brought me to a 14-year career in the airline industry where I've worked with flight crew members and airplane mechanics”.

“I believe I am achieving success with PlanNet Marketing because I truly believe in the industry and the leadership. Mr. Bradley, Shedrick White and a host of other leaders have really shown me how I can take something I love and build it to last for generations.”

Tips that I can share are to: 1. Love it... If you love it, others will see it in you. 2. Share it... Travel opens the eyes and the minds for the unknown; it touches people on so many different levels... so why keep it to yourself. 3. Build it... With travel being the #1 industry in the world, building it will allow for generational prosperity.  One way I achieved success so quickly is by being coachable and wanting to soak up everything from the ones who have perfected it.  Another way was by finding others that shared the same love and passion for the travel. 

Fun facts about myself -- I have two amazing sons, Darius(19) and Lauseric (11) who also love to travel. My greatest joy is helping others do things they never imagined doing. I love seeing people happy and laughing and living life to the fullest.


Walter and Tiffany Powell

Walter and Tiffany Powell have called Atlanta, GA home since 1997, originally coming from New Orleans. They are immensely interested in teaching, inspiring, motivating and empowering individuals on life's purpose.  They have journeyed to the islands of Jamaica, Bahamas and Aruba and have visited Canada and Mexico while sailing on 11 cruises.

They tell us, “Our success can be attributed to the mentorship of Donald Bradley and the coaching of Director Shedrick White, in addition to reading the books "The Magic of Compound Recruiting" and "How to Win Friends and Influence People.” As a result of these readings, we've discovered rapid success comes not from motivating people but motivating motivated people. 

More importantly we enjoy sharing and participating in the achievements of others. PlanNet Marketing has indeed enriched our lives beyond measure.

LaDonna Spratley

Originally from Augusta, GA, LaDonna was born on the Fort Gordon U.S. Army Military Base. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Paine College in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems and she works for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, serving our nation’s Veterans for 31 years. She lives in Atlanta, GA and is the single parent of two handsome sons, Darian, 24 and Odera,
age 17.

LaDonna tells us, “I have always maintained a leadership role as I have trained hundreds of employees in their profession and career. I consider myself to have an impeccable work ethic and a passion for people. I have always had a passion for travel, even at a young age. I enjoyed and loved that my parents took us on trips and vacation every year so it was a predestined path for my future! I have visited several incredible places , Jamaica, Mexico, and many islands in the Caribbean. Some of my other favorites fun activities are dancing, bowling, and painting.

I initially joined the industry to make an extra stream of income by becoming a Cruise Specialist and my niche is group cruises. Now my passion with is to create (and is accomplishing) a financial legacy for my children and their children and helping other families do the same. This opportunity has changed my family’s life in so many ways. We take paycations now; we have reduced our household debts tremendously and we enjoy the freedom and lifestyle changes that PlanNet Marketing affords.

My success in PlanNet Marketing stems from my desire to help others. I truly want to be that ‘change agent’ for people and the industry. Also the following are very important: remaining coachable, following the system, reading and personal development, and remaining plugged into the culture.”


LaVonda Thornton

LaVonda Thornton is a busy wife and mom to 5 children - ages 3,4,7,9, and 17!  And she is a full-time network marketer! With over 10 years experience in the oil industry she recently lost her job, but thanks to PlanNet Marketing she already had plan B in place! 

Immediately after her lay off, LaVonda  traveled non-stop. She says, “In April and May I had the surprising pleasure of experiencing my first FAM trip. The first 4-day, 3-night all inclusive FAM was to Grand Bahama Island, where I became an expert by learning about their culture, the tasteful dishes, specialty drinks, and somehow ended up in a music video for their island celebration of Junkanoo Carnival!   A couple of weeks after that I was invited to return to the Bahamas to visit Nassau. It  was an exciting experience where it made me realize I'm truly at the the best place on the PlanNet!

When people ask me how I did it I explain there's absolutely no one I won't share this business with. I love everything about the company so I refuse to keep it to myself!  It's simple -  the more you share the video the more likely you are to be successful. Being a product of the product is all the proof people need!