PlanNet Marketing’s newest Director, Toby Dacosta, resides in London, United Kingdom where he was also born and raised. He earned his One-Star Directorship just last Thursday and PlanNet Marketing is proud and excited to recognize his outstanding achievement.

Since leaving university, Toby has been running a successful online business which has given him the freedom to travel. Over the last four years, Toby has lived in Spain, Portugal and Austria. In addition, he has experienced 10 different cruise holidays and visited many other countries all over the world. Toby has always been passionate about business, cooking and sports, loves to sing, but most of all is passionate about travel. He loves table tennis and is happy to challenge anyone in PlanNet Marketing for a King of the PlanNet competition!

Director Dacosta is a firm believer in mastering the three skills to “go elite” in network marketing and says these are the skills that will position one to achieve the rank of Director. 

➤ Master Recruiter
          Understanding the PS3 system to recruit
          Organizing your daily schedule to recruit
          Working your Active Candidate List
          Becoming an aggressive inviter 

➤ Master Team Builder
          Creating the environment for your team to build starts with you!
          3-Way Calls
          Travel Parties
          Social Events

➤ Master Team Trainer
          The team that sweats the most in training bleeds the least on the battlefield.
          Learn a skill, then teach it
          Education is key, BE the teacher!
          Key Trainings (PS3 & Fast Start)

Excellent advice, Toby!  PlanNet Marketing congratulates you on your achievement and knows with your expertise and skills you will continue on your path to even greater success!