The impressive Presidential Sapphire ring was awarded by PlanNet Marketing Founder and Chairman Donald Bradley in Dallas last week to Phillip Rollins and Keith and Adairia Vinson. The Sapphire ring is awarded to those Independent Reps on an annual track of $100,000 a year. Congratulations to Phillip, Keith and Adairia on this outstanding accomplishment!

Philip thanks everyone for all of the congratulations! He said upon receiving it, “Getting my six-figure Sapphire ring in Dallas, TX meant a lot to me today. People see your glory but may not know your story. Well, a big piece of my story was right here in Dallas. I truly have a strong gratitude to have done this in less than six months. Documentation truly bests conversation all day every day. Let's Geaux! ‪”

JP Watkins, Phillip’s Director and leader says, “My heart is overjoyed because it’s one thing to get the six-figure ring but it's another to become a ring maker. When people join you they trust you that this WILL WORK! Congrats to my ace Phillip Rollins on getting his six-figure ring today in PlanNet Marketing!! You are simply amazing and so deserving! This is just the beginning. I know you will get the half million ring soon! Love you to life dude!! Let's Geaux! We just gettin’ started!!”


Keith and Adairia Vinson were born and raised in Tulsa, OK, and currently reside in Allen, TX. The couple has been married since December 25, 1992.  Keith has been employed by the United States Postal Service for the last 18 years and Adairia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and owned and operated a successful Childcare Center for eight years.They have two children (Keith, Jr. and Lauryn) and devote most of their time as the primary caregivers to Adairia’s elderly parents with Alzheimer’s, which is a full time job within itself.

After being introduced to MLM six years ago, the couple decided to close their operation and concentrate on building wealth through the vehicle of Network Marketing, with an emphasis on travel. Keith and Adairia work this business on a part-time basis but are achieving full-time results. 

“Becoming the newest recipients of the six-figure Sapphire Presidential Ring is one of the most gratifying accomplishments we’ve ever achieved as a couple, next to marriage and our children. Our journey hasn’t always been easy. We experienced many bumps in the road but we are a testament that if you keep doing things consistently until they become habits, the return will be well worth it all!

We are forever grateful to the Visionary and Founder, Mr. Donald Bradley and Mrs. Deborah Bradley, our Success Coach and Mentor, Mr. Shedrick White, and our entire team.  We realize that without this invaluable support system, none of this would be possible. 

We do not take this honor lightly and it is our sincere desire to be examples of individuals working this business with Integrity, loyalty, documentation and a competitive spirit. Our favorite quotes are: “To whom much is given, much is required,” and “Be the leader you want to attract,” and “His every PROMISE is Yes and Amen.”