20/20 Club Members Define Success!

To become a PlanNet Marketing 20/20 Club Member, you must produce 20 direct ITA sales. And those sales will create 20 Independent Travel Agents with the opportunity to build and profit from a home-based travel business in the most exciting industry on the planet! Featured below are some of PlanNet Marketing’s amazing 20/20 Club Members! Watch for more 20/20 features in upcoming issues of your PlanNetNow! Blog!


Hailing from the United Kingdom, Director Naomi Osei is a first generation Brit with mixed heritage (Ghana and Grenada). She presently resides in Buckinghamshire, a not-so-sunny county in the UK, as a single mother with her two toddlers, Rhianne (3) and Aaron (2).

As the firstborn daughter of a preacher, Naomi developed a love for public speaking to empower, motivate, educate and inspire. Her keen ear for music and passion for singing saw her progress from the choir, to the worship team, to the music industry... and this is where she first caught the travel bug.

The time she spent traveling the world to perform and record were some of the most exciting times of her life. Naomi’s love for music and travel has allowed her to travel all across Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. Her most memorable travel experiences include visiting Ghana and learning more about her culture, Robben Island (South Africa), visiting the place where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated, and Grenada for Carnival – yes, she loves to dance!

Naomi’s success at PlanNet Marketing comes from being willing to go all out for her team, a burning desire to become the evidence and to pave the way for others to also succeed.  She proudly proclaims that being under the tutelage of Founder Don Bradley and Director Ann Jones has made all the difference in her business, and it is their guidance, encouragement and counsel that resulted in her becoming the first Director outside of the United States! She attributes having a strong sense of urgency, passion and excitement contributing to her achievements in a short space of time. Being fiercely competitive, the only option was proving the naysayers wrong!

20/20 Club Member Naomi shares this advice, “Stay in Phase 1! Slipping into the management trap is so easily done and is fatal to your business. Be intentional with your activities and stay committed to your why. Listen to your coach and take action! The most valuable lesson I’ve learned? If you make a mistake and fall off as the journey gets tough, GET BACK UP!  Begin again more intelligently, but most importantly, don’t quit.”



Duane and Shontina Gladney are 20/20 Club Members who reside in Milwaukee, WI. They have been married for almost 16 years, and their family consists of five daughters, three sons-in-law, and five grandchildren! Duane is a Local 75 plumber and Shontina is the founder of PMI Business Group, a relationship-based digital marketing firm.

The couple loves organizing and attending community and social events, assisting entrepreneurs, loving on their grandchildren, and they plan on “traveling the world like never before” in the near future! They are Carnival GOLD VIFP members, have been to Jamaica, Mexico, Aruba, Las Vegas, and Florida. They have recently become bloggers for local eateries and food tours in their home town. 

The Gladneys tell us that they are achieving success with PlanNet Marketing because they are truly transparent with their setbacks and successes, with a never-give-up attitude. “We allow people to see exactly where we are in our daily journey with this company, and we transfer our excitement and enjoyment to everyone with whom we come in contact.  Be proud of your business; never be ashamed to speak highly of your opportunity. You must keep the attitude that what the world thinks of you is none of your business and do not stop until you exceed your goals.  We own the fact that we are in the FUN-based business!  We host Travel Vision Board Parties, we always ask for referrals, and lastly we know the value of what we have to offer is at the pinnacle within the industry.

“Our team members who partnered with us without a shadow of a doubt were a huge part of our success, as well as our sideline business partners who understand the power of working together, and by stepping forward within our faith. We knew that we could not do it alone. We look at everyone as a consumer, business partner, or alliance. The worst thing anyone can say to us is no. We do not expect a no, but we make sure we give everyone the equal opportunity to make an educated decision. We always have in the back of our minds that NOW is the best time to share our business. We never come to take sides; we create an environment of dynamic synergy and a winning mindset for all those involved to take on and succeed!”



Jackie Pickett, 20/20 Club Member from Washington, DC, lives in Waldorf, MD. Her background includes 20 plus years in finance. Over the past five years she has transitioned to hospitality sales (audio visual) for a 5-Star, 5-Diamond Hotel in DC, along with 13-plus years on and off in network marketing. She is a huge sports fanatic, very competitive, loves to dance, travel and spend time with her husband and children.

She relates, “When I took a look at this opportunity, it just made sense. I have traveled to Hawaii, cruised the Western Caribbean, Canada, Florida, Bahamas, and Punta Cana, to name a few. But now that I’m a professional Travel Agent with PlanNet Marketing and InteleTravel, the world is mine.

“I thank God for this amazing opportunity and PlanNet Marketing for allowing me to ‘dream big’ again…and not only dream, but to know that my dreams can now become a reality through hard work and dedication with helping others. If I can share anything, the key to my success was removing my ego and humbling myself to the leaders around me. Learn from them and continue to get better at your craft, read about personal development, stay plugged into the system, and get out of your comfort zone to get into your money zone! 

“In school we were taught not to copy off anyone’s paper (don’t be a copycat), but in this industry it’s ok to copy, just copy the right cat. I’m so grateful to my sponsor, Damien Goins. He is the epitome of a great leader. Learning from him has taught me that it’s not about me - it’s all about the team. Now I can turn around and teach my team to do the same (duplication). Surround yourself with positive influences and be proud of this amazing opportunity. Posture up and never quit! 

“The 20/20 Club… think of it as if your life depended on it. If this was your last shot in life and you had 20 minutes to talk to 20 people, what would you do? EXACTLY!!  We are WINNERS, so let’s LEAD by example to help others reach the 20/20 Club!”