Congratulations 20/20 Club!

To become a PlanNet Marketing 20/20 Club Member, you must produce 20 direct ITA sales. And those sales will create 20 Independent Travel Agents with the opportunity to build and profit from a home-based travel business in the most exciting industry on the planet! Featured below are five of PlanNet Marketing’s amazing 20/20 Club Members! Watch for more 20/20 features in upcoming issues of your PlanNetNow! Blog!

Deborah Hardnett

20/20 Club Member Deborah Hardnett is an Atlanta native, who has recently moved back after living 10 years in the Metro DC area. She loves music, dancing, cooking, serving and entertaining, and of course, travel! She tells us that she has had the fortune to travel all over the world, with some of her favorite places being Turkey, Greece, and Monte Carlo. Still on her travel list to visit are Ghana, Senegal, Egypt, South Africa and Dubai!

Deborah’s excellent advice for achieving success is: remain consistent, keep sorting, go through the numbers, keep expanding your Why, allow the process to work, become a master of the PS3 System and be a master promoter. And… absolutely, never take it personally. Remove emotion from the business equation and don’t quit on YOU!

Deborah says, “I have been in the industry two decades, took a long break and I am so happy to be back. I am grateful and appreciative for such a time as this, where I can be a part of the history that is being made. I have never seen a company and leadership that mirrors the best of both the traditional business and the network marketing worlds. PlanNet Marketing is light years beyond any other business model in the direct sales industry. It's not just the very aggressive, yet very responsible compensation plan, or the top-notch training, the powerful proven product, or the impeccable timing, or our tremendously talented teammates, but the solid leadership is what seals the deal. The competence, confidence, and commitment of Mr. Bradley, Mr. Cauthen, and Mr. Ferrera working together equates to an opportunity of a lifetime!”

Letoria Mayberry

Letoria Mayberry is a native of Athens, Alabama and is a versatile force of creativity, drive and passion. The youngest of four siblings and graduate of Oakwood College, she is a contracting officer by day with the United States Army Department of Defense/Counternarcotics Terrorism Program. By night she becomes an advocate for financial freedom, where in addition to the 20/20 Club, she is a PlanNet Marketing Two Star Director and Founders Club Member. She is a single mother of a 21-year-old daughter, co-owner of Signature Events by L’SKY, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Incorporated, Co-founder of Models for Jesus Christ and she serves as youth director at her church, New Beginnings MB Church.

In her continued passion for making a profound difference, Letoria is also the CEO of “Winner In Me,” a ministry that helps fund a shelter for battered women and children and is a strong advocate for female empowerment. This shelter provides a temporary, safe and secure respite where these women will be strengthened and empowered to start a new life.

Letoria relates, “I have always dreamed of traveling the world. Since I embarked on the travel industry two years ago, I have gotten an opportunity to travel not only domestically but internationally to some places I have dreamed of going. I truly enjoy being a travel agent. I love the excitement of helping plan my clients’ travel. I treat every opportunity to book my clients’ travel as a unique experience where they can actually visualize their vacation before they get there. I want to help create an everlasting memory that they can share for generations to come.”

Her method and techniques for success are based on her belief that at the end of the day, everyone is a winner. She says, “We all have survived something! I have to attribute my success to just having the will to win and my Why.  I can truly say I have one of the best coaches (Mr. Orlanda Moore). Being under his leadership has taught me to:

  1. Stick with the system by doing the simple things consistently (PS3)

  2. Remain coachable - meaning follow the leader, always take notes when your coach is speaking and duplicate the process

  3. Always reading and studying the industry

  4. Have a competitive attitude (I never want to lose because my family deserves this)

  5. Practice what I teach. (Don’t expect something from my partners that I’m not doing myself)

  6. Making sure my partners are getting what they need

  7. Have a leadership that is duplicable

  8. When approaching a prospect make it about them. (How can this business help them?)

Lastly, a motto I live by is: If you had four hours to chop down a tree, what would you do? My answer: I would spend three hours sharpening my ax, then hone in on my skills and act. You have to make the sacrifice and always be hungry for success.”

Velecia Middlebrooks

Meet Velecia L. Middlebrooks, who tells us that she is a military brat (Army/ Air Force) who has recently moved from Northern California to Columbia, SC, but Dover, DE is where she calls home. Her varied interests are traveling, community service (especially for single mothers who are in need), socializing, networking, spending quality time with family, sightseeing, attending concerts and plays, watching Marvel movies, and wine tasting.

This 20/20 Club Member has had a passport since she was eight months old, traveling with her parents in the military. She states that she has no problem going anywhere or relocating, having traveled to Belize, four parts of Mexico, the Bahamas, the Grand Cayman Islands, two parts of Jamaica, and she’s on her way to Germany. She is a frequent cruiser with Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Carnival, but prefers all-inclusive resorts because she is a spontaneous explorer.  

Velecia attributes the key to her success as being coachable and open to constructive criticism. She says, “I have been in several network marketing companies that ‘I didn’t WORK.’ If I would have been coachable and not trying to do things my way, and not just focused on the sale of the product (my background is sales and marketing), I would be a millionaire or a six-figure earner. I used techniques that were taught in school, not what is being taught now. With that being said, I went from having 10-15 direct sponsored to me to now over 100 in less than seven months!”

“I am still pushing to meet my next goal of Three Star Director. This is an exciting and great achievement for me only because I’ve changed my mindset. I am still a work in progress, but open to the process. I say be the master inviter, share with everyone! Everyone who I speak to, I visualize them as President Grant (a $50 bill)! Right now I am still learning and being mentored. I advise that if you are still a newbie to network marketing, you should have a mentor, someone who has the knowledge to help you get to where they are. Find a mentor who can push you, help you be accountable, and is willing to dedicate true mentorship to you. Keep a focused and positive mind. Don’t let your distractions keep you from your success. I do have a huge heart, so I am always helping others in any way that I have the knowledge to help them achieve their financial goals.”

Velecia says that believe it or not, “This natural born diva is very shy. I shake before I speak and hope that what I say makes sense. Oh, and I am not a huge fan of texting. I feel like it is not personal!”

Natalie Graham

20/20 Club Member Natalie Graham is from Hartsville, SC and now lives in Atlanta, GA. Her family, travel, and life coaching are a few of her many interests. She and her husband have traveled to Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, St. Kitts, San Juan, Turks and Caicos, and St. Maarten - all with in a six-month span!

Natalie teaches, “You must have a servant’s heart in this business. It’s all about building relationships and truly valuing the business and those relationships. My key to success is to not make any excuses. Showing up in your business is key. Staying plugged in and being in the midst of all of the events and culture made me want to strive for more.”

Working full time in a corporate career while finishing up her Master’s full time, Natalie is a wife and mother to three with a baby due in October! She says, “When people say they are too busy, I think it’s great… because busy people get things done!”

Donn and Tawanda Shamley

One Star Directors and 20/20 Club Members Donn and Tawanda reside in Atlanta, GA, although Donn is originally from White Plains, NY. This power couple just celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary and have two children, Collin and Faith, who are their driving force for doing this business. Donn is a business analyst and Tawanda is an entrepreneur in the Gospel music industry. The Shamleys serve in Marriage Ministry in their church and Donn is also the drummer on the worship team. One of best travel experiences was their 20th Anniversary when they went to Maui.

Tawanda relates, “We have achieved success so quickly by first having confidence in the network marketing industry, the travel industry, and our two companies, PlanNet Marketing and Inteletravel, and being able to transfer that confidence and excitement to people we share this opportunity with. Secondly, stay connected to all calls, meetings and big events. One tip we would like to share is to quickly buy in to the PS3 model. We all have the option to build our business however we choose, but why not use a system that has proven to be successful and is very duplicable, which is key in our industry.”