Super Star Directors!


Director Damien Goins is originally from Inglewood, California but currently lives in College Park, Maryland. He says, “My interests are vast. My passion is empowering young people and parents to live their dreams on purpose. I am a sports fanatic, travel enthusiast, and all around competitor. I love good food and also enjoy working out. I have traveled to the Caribbean extensively: St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Turks and Caicos, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Barbados, Jamaica, St. Lucia, and a few other islands. I have also had the privilege of visiting Mexico and the Dominican Republic in my travels.”

Damien tell us that the success he has achieved with PlanNet Marketing can be attributed to the mentoring that he has received from tremendous leaders within the company, in addition to taking on the responsibility of investing in his personal and professional development. “I have a drive and a passion to WIN and this industry is a welcoming environment for my competitive nature. When I realized that some of the most successful leaders in this company did not have an extensive network marketing background, yet developed the necessary skills to succeed in the industry, it gave me the confidence to persevere and pursue my goals as well. I made a decision to intensely study the habits of my leaders and replicate their actions until my achievements mirrored theirs. I am not disillusioned in thinking that I have reached the pinnacle of my success; I understand and embrace that this is only the beginning of my journey and I look forward to the many milestones ahead. I challenge myself daily to acknowledge that the promise is in the process and if I am consistent in my efforts, I will continue to move forward by helping my family and other families attain financial freedom.”

When asked how he achieved success so quickly, Director Goins says, “When I began this journey with PlanNet Marketing, I made a choice to immerse myself in the company. My success can be attributed to my determination to make this business opportunity work for me. Once I made that commitment, I leapt to action. I did not wait for someone to motivate me, encourage me, or lead me; I made the decision to move forward and learn along the way. If there is anyone in this business who is asking themselves, ‘How do I become a Director?,’  I would simply say to them, "Make the DECISION and LEAP into ACTION."

Ending on a more personal note, Damien shares this about himself: “I hate to lose!! I am a natural competitor and have never been able to embrace losing. I am enamored with watches. I have a pretty extensive watch collection. I hate salad dressing. And last, but not least… I am left handed, so I am one of the people who actually operates in their right mind! :)



One-Star Directors, PlanNet Marketing Founding Members, 20/20 Club Members and 4 & Free Forever!  William and Tammy Padmore reside in Crowley, Texas. William was originally born in Panama where Spanish is the first language and he comes from a humble beginning. He served 12-1/2 years in the US Army, receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Maryland. William is an accountant for a large construction firm and Tammy is a manager for one of the largest retail companies.

The couple just  celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary and have three children: Taneshia, William J., and Tayana, and two grandchildren, Madison and Jake.

They say, “We have always had a passion for travel, even more so due to the fact that now we travel as insiders because we have this eight trillion dollar industry as our inventory. We have visited several incredible places like Hawaii, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and we have sailed on five cruises.

“When it comes to success, our key to success is to not make any excuses, because excuses put you further behind; showing up in your business is key. In addition, the success we have achieved with PlanNet Marketing comes from discipline, commitment, believing in the industry and the leadership of Mr. Bradley, Shedrick White, Keith and Adairia Vinson, and Marvin and Ingrid Fordham. Our desire to help others achieve their goals is very important, along with remaining coachable, following the system, personal development, reading and remaining plugged into the culture.”

“We have confidence in the network marketing industry, the travel industry and our two companies - PlanNet Marketing and InteleTravel! We believe one of the contributions to our reaching the milestone of 20/20 Club is interacting with people one-on-one. With thanks to all the tools and the training provided, we have so many ways to expose people to our business that we are constantly learning the most effective ways to use all of them.”

William tells us, “I have always said that only you can create your future - but how can you fall in love with your future when you are having an affair with your past? It is OK to fail while creating your future because fail only means ‘First Attempt In Learning,’ therefore, don’t give up. A tip we can leave with you is to stick to the system (PS3), remain coachable, have a competitive spirit, practice what you teach, have a leadership that’s duplicable and make sure your partners have what they need. Remember that no one can control time, but you can control what you do with YOUR time!”



Meet Director LaVonya Bailey. While working her PlanNet Marketing business part-time, she was able to achieve this rank within 60 days of joining the company!

LaVonya has a contract with the federal government to facilitate recordings in courtrooms. Her degree is in sound recording engineering, with a background of national electrical code and regulations. She is currently training to become a John Maxwell Certified Business Coach and Speaker.

With over three years of network marketing experience, she is poised to be successful in the networking profession in helping others successfully achieve their business goals.