Six Weeks to Launch!

In just six weeks, PlanNet Marketing will launch its first annual National Convention!  Maybe you've attended an event like this before - you know the fun experience, benefits, and the positive effect it has on your business. Or maybe you think of a convention as a boring couple of days where you just listen to speeches and sleep through most of ‘em… NOT the case at PlanNet Marketing!  

The Convention is a business event that’s not just fun and exciting, it’s a learning experience – it’s motivating, inspirational, informative, and a step for your business that will lead to greater rewards! 

Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend
the PlanNet Marketing 2016 National Convention

1. To Learn – We say it all the time – School is never out for the PRO! One of the greatest benefits of the Convention will be the two days of PlanNet University. 

2. Networking – This is one of the most popular reasons people cite for attending a convention. What an opportunity to get to meet new people who work in the PlanNet family – and from around the world! Connect with people, make new friendships, and share your challenges and successes.

3. Expand your VISION! – This event will expand your vision. You’ll think and plan clearer and bigger than ever before!

4. Content SUBSTANCE! – The Convention is full of real content. Not just at PlanNet University, but the General Sessions will have announcements and information that will change your business; speakers that will motivate and inspire – so much real world knowledge to take away from the Convention!

5. Fun – The Convention is a ball! You probably won’t get much sleep, there will be early mornings and late nights, but we’ll be having fun!

6. Be a STAR! – Hundreds of people will be walking across the stage receiving their due recognition for accomplishments. There’s nothing like being in the spotlight and looking out at a sea of smiling faces!

7. Get your photo taken – You ought to be in pictures! There will be about a million photos taken over the days of the event, many of them posted on social media and the PlanNetNow! blog! Smile for the camera!

8.  Move your PlanNet business up a notch – You’ll come out of the Convention with a stronger business sense and a better understanding of the potential. 

9.  Graduate Degree – The Convention is graduate school for you as a PlanNet Rep, and graduate students stand to gain greater reward.

10. Learn more, earn more – It’s a fact that independent business people attending an event of this nature will earn tenfold over the following twelve months as those who don’t. And that’s a good thing!
All the information about the Convention is available now in your Rep Virtual Office. Register today!