Meet These Awesome Directors!


Two-Star Director and 20/20 Club Member Ferne Sapp describes herself “as a successful Kingdompreneur,” serving as business owner of Kairos Travel & Associates (KTA) since 2008. Specializing in group conference cruises, she creatively and courageously launched the Annual Poised & Prepared for Destiny Conference Cruise which is designed to EMPOWER women of all ages and backgrounds to live the life of PURPOSE God has destined. Having traveled all around the world as a child, Ferne has a definite affinity and love for travel! Some of her favorite destinations include Grand Turks, Turks & Caicos, Mexico, Aruba, and other islands of the Caribbean. Ferne is an Independent Travel Agent and holds several certifications, including CLIA, Princess Cruise Commodore, Norwegian Cruise Line Advanced Freestyle Specialist, Merlin Entertainment Groups Specialist (LegoLand), Holiday Inn Resort Aruba Specialist, and many more. Ferne serves as a coach and leader to many in the industry.

With over 15 years in ministry, Ferne continues to successfully teach and mentor others in living out their God-given purpose. Having a natural and spiritual gift for connecting people, she has served in various leadership roles both in corporate America and in the Kingdom of God. Ferne specializes in helping senior leaders and pastors develop ministries and nation-wide initiatives that impact local communities and the world at large. A native of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Ferne has earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management from Paine College (Augusta, GA). She is a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel and has received a Master of Arts degree in Ministry and a Master of Divinity degree from Luther Rice University, Lithonia, GA. Ferne serves as the Campus Pastor of the New Covenant Christian Ministries East, a satellite church of New Covenant Christian Ministries.

In her quest to give back to the community Ferne serves as founder and president of Vessels of Purpose Ministries, Inc., a non-profit organization that exists to EDUCATE and EMPOWER people with practical and biblical principles for daily living, to improve their quality of life, and to EQUIP them to build and sustain healthy communities throughout the world. She is currently working on the inauguration of an empowerment foundation, Jewels with Purpose, designed to mentor young girls into their purpose.

Ferne recognizes that she is in a unique place of blessing as a Founding Member, Director, and 20/20 Club member within PlanNet Marketing. She says, “It is truly a season and time of harvest and I have set my mind and heart on helping as many people as I possibly can.” One of Ferne’s favorite quotes is ascribed to her ‘shero’ Harriet Tubman: “I freed a thousand slaves; I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” Now is the time for freedom – financial freedom, personal freedom, time freedom. Her only prayer is that many would accept the invitation and live out the lives of freedom they are destined to live.

Living a life of purpose, Ferne resides in Covington, GA with her husband, Willie Sapp. Her greatest joys in life have come from her two children, now adults, and being a Grammy to her two grandchildren. 



One-Star Director and 20/20 Club Member Joy Lovett-Dawkins was born in Lakeland, Florida and at the age of three moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Presently, she lives in Stone Mountain, GA with her husband of 22 years, their 14-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son. Joy is a graduate of Hampton University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Immediately after graduation Joy secured employment with Delta Air Lines as a flight attendant, and after five years in the airline industry she exchanged her flight wings for a real estate license. For the next decade she worked as a realtor, invested and managed her own properties and towards the end of the 10 years mastered loan origination. Joy was introduced to the concept of profiting from the industry of travel in 2008 while she was at home raising their children. For the last seven years she has honed her entrepreneurial skills by showing others how to live a profitable lifestyle from home in the travel industry.

Oh the places she has gone! Spain, England, France, Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico, Canada and U.S. cities from Boise, Idaho to Bangor, Maine. Travel is certainly a passion for Joy! 

Three keys to success that she would like to share: 

Courage - “It does not have to be perfect. Go mess something up! Many times I had reservations because I did NOT want to make a mistake, yet I wanted to be GREAT.  In order to be great you must first be good, to be good you’ve GOT to get in there and DO IT! Take courage and do it!”

Be Coachable - “Listening to your coach will absolutely fast track your success! Coaches have the answers, they’ve been where you’re going, and they know how to help you navigate effectively through the maze of network marketing. Leading, trusting, and adhering to coaching will lead to quicker success.”

Affirmations - “State constantly what you want to become/achieve and then walk in it as though it has already happened!  Act AS IF it has already manifested and you will improve your posture and attract what you want.”

Take courage, be coachable, and affirm what you want!