20/20 Club Members Are Inspirational and Motivated!

To become a PlanNet Marketing 20/20 Club Member, you must produce 20 direct ITA sales. And those sales will create 20 Independent Travel Agents with the opportunity to build and profit from a home-based travel business in the most exciting industry on the planet! Featured below are some of PlanNet Marketing’s amazing 20/20 Club Members! Watch for more 20/20 features in upcoming issues of your PlanNetNow! Blog!


Eric Hawkins was born and raised in the “Brick City,” Newark, NJ, and currently resides in the New Jersey tri-state area. He is an avid proponent for urban education on both the elementary and university levels. He says, “My experience as a university professor has given me the ability to instill a self-development and personal growth mindset into the minds of the future - something that is desperately needed.”

20/20 Club Member Eric has been fortunate to travel extensively across the globe: South Africa, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and the majority of the United States are the highlights. He comments, “This experience clearly prepared me for the industry of travel.”

He continues, “Success for me in the networking arena did not happen overnight; in fact, it has taken years of personal growth. Once I made up my mind that this was a profession and gave it the RESPECT it deserved, I began to accept it as a personal challenge to succeed. In addition, I have been blessed to watch our Founder, Mr. Donald Bradley (for the first several years from behind the scenes), take this industry by storm as a master coach and industry professional. This motivated me to develop relationships with knowledgeable individuals who were able to provide me with the necessary tools to grow. I am an advocate for the quote: ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.’

“In PlanNet, I have been blessed to work with One Star Director Trudy Scott, have the day-to-day mentorship of Four Star Director Shedrick White, and work with some incredible individuals who are also ready for this work. Our mission from day one was to run and look for those who were looking to run as well; identifying those who are COMMITTED to this process is half the battle.

“In closing, this profession has been one of the biggest blessings in my life because it has taught me more about personal development, leadership, teamwork and service than any other realm of my life. Being able to show others how they can be a part of this incredible industry and company is something that drives me daily and I look forward to this journey with PlanNet Marketing for years to come.”


Meet 20/20 Club Members Eric and Jamila Magee. They reside in Milwaukee, WI where Jamila is a hairstylist (for over 20 years) and Eric has served as a City of Milwaukee police officer for the past 15 years. Previously the couple owned a salon and barbershop for seven years. They have a blended family and five children - Jasmine (24), Eric (21), Janae (20), Jalin (20) and Jamari (13). Eric says, “Jamila and I share an interest in spending time together and continue to date while we are married. We make sure during our busy lives that we take time out once a week and spend time together having lunch, dinner, and going to see a movie.”

The couple has had many travel experiences, saying travel is truly their passion! They have been to Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Punta Cana, Cancun twice, Ocho Rios, Canada, Florida, California, taken three cruises, and their favorite location is Las Vegas!! They have been there 26 times and counting!!

Eric tells us, “We simply contact the people we have relationships with and show them how to save on travel, earn additional income when they travel and save on their taxes. Then we help those individuals show their family and friends how to do the same thing. I truly believe your best ‘ability’ is your ‘availability.’ Be there for your teammates. Don't neglect them once they get started in the business. We also believe in being personal with our team. We have a team travel party at our home once a month. Everyone participates by bringing soda, water, napkins, paper plates, silverware or a dish and we conduct a presentation. This takes the pressure off new teammates who are nervous about having a travel party. We having a saying in Milwaukee, ‘If you invite your guests, we will do the rest.’

“Simply follow the PS3. It's simple. Pique someone’s interest by simply asking them, ‘If I found a way that you can get paid to travel would you like to know how?’ The next question would be... ‘When will be the next time you have about 30 minutes so I can show you how?’ The final step is conducting a 3-way call with your upline or sideline business partners. I would recommend doing more one-on-one meetings and don't wait all week for the weekly meeting. You have to meet people where they are. If the meeting doesn't fit their schedule, conduct a one-on-one meeting. With the one-on-one meetings you can showcase your business every day, then show your teammates how to do the same.

“Before Jamila and I got married, we had never been on a true vacation. When I was younger I used to brag about going on vacation, but as I got older, my mom and dad used to take us to Mississippi - a family of six in a car was not a vacation!  We were just taking a trip every summer. So when we got married our very first vacation together was Las Vegas. We had so much fun together that we decided every year on our anniversary that we would continue to take a vacation to Las Vegas. Then we began going to Las Vegas for our birthdays, vacations, anniversaries and any other reason that we could find to go to Las Vegas. Fast forward 15 years and we have been to Las Vegas 26 times. My wife and I take four to six vacations per year. I truly believe if more couples took more vacations together it could lower the divorce rate. We just share our travel experiences we've had and explain how it has helped us maintain a healthy marriage for 15 years. People want to hear your story! Facts tell, stories sell!"


20/20 Club Member Tiffany McIntosh tells us, “I am a wife to the wonderful Calvin McIntosh and mother to five amazing children ranging from age 19 down to age five! Tiffany is from Akron, OH and currently resides in Copley, OH. She loves traveling the world. Having been to 10 countries, Tiffany is looking forward to visiting Africa this fall! 

Tiffany and Calvin currently own a Christian clothing company, she is a woman empowerer, motivational speaker and is currently writing a book titled "What Don't Kill Me!" She and her husband have a nonprofit for epilepsy research as her husband has suffered from it for over 20 years.

Tiffany says, “I love helping people! My goal is to help 5,000 families get financially free! I am very passionate about what I do! I have mastered the PS3 and edification and also I won't let someone tell me ‘no’ so easily. It's all about going through the numbers. I am talking to about 25 people a day! Make your list of 100 as soon as possible and go through the numbers! My ‘Why’ drives me so hard! I look forward to being With PlanNet Marketing for a long time -  changing one family at a time!”