Countdown to Convention

Special $125.00 Registration Fee Ends Today!
The special registration fee of $125.00 is extended through TODAY - Friday, August 12, 2016. All the information about the Convention is available now in your Rep Virtual Office. Register ONLINE through today - Friday, August 12, then starting Monday, August 14 through Wednesday, August 31 please call PlanNet Support to register at 470-443-9330!

4 and Free is extended through Convention!
Make FOUR new ITA Sales between June 1st and Saturday, September 10th, and at the end of any month when you have at least four (4) Active ITAs, your PlanNet and InteleTravel monthly fees are waived the following month!

InteleTravel’s Special Freedom Promotion!
InteleTravel has announced an extension of the Freedom Month promotion! An inactive ITA can renew their ITA business and only pay the current $39.95 due. The program extends through Monday, September 12. (See below for the details!)

The PlanNet Black Card!
Go to your Virtual Office main page, scroll down and take a look at the new PlanNet Marketing Black Business Card. Click on the card and you’re there! Be sure to bring your PlanNet Black Card to the Convention – you’ll be glad you did.

Order your Black Business Card Today!