New One-Star Director and 20/20 Club Member Patricia Johnson Brown relates, “I had a successful career in corporate America in the semiconductor industry.  There I excelled, earned great income, but had no passion for what I did. Now, I am so excited about the opportunity to build a thriving career in a new industry while pursuing my passions at the same time. I am truly passionate about giving back, which is why I am the cofounder of the nonprofit organization, Math Is My Friend, Inc., which is dedicated to closing the achievement gap in math. However, I am also truly passionate about financial freedom. As a part of PlanNet Marketing, I have the opportunity to give back by helping others pursue their personal and financial dreams, all while traveling and pursuing my own financial goals.  It’s a win-win and a perfect way to go into what I call “Phase 2” of my life. When I heard Donald Bradley say “we are going to teach you how to make it, save it, and invest it,” I knew this was the place for me because that was already my mantra, except I did it with a job and stock options. I thought to myself, ‘Now, I can do the same thing with my own business, while traveling the world!’ How awesome is that!!!  I’m all in!" 

Patricia attributes her success to being a firm believer of setting goals and tracking results. She continues, “I believe this was a huge contribution to my reaching the milestone of 20/20 Club.  I like simple and to the point. When my mentor Eileen Ross and I discussed working my list and the fortune being in the follow-up, I embraced it. I put my head down, I made my spreadsheet, and I started inviting. When I looked up, I had over 20 people. On my spreadsheet, I have a column with a note for each interaction with the person on my list, that way I can track their responses and know when and how to follow-up. I can easily see what methods/exposure tools have worked better for me, which then helps me duplicate my own process. Every person does not respond to the same type of invitation the same way, so you may have to switch it up until you get a response. Thanks to all of the PlanNet Marketing tools, the training provided, and my mentor, I have so many ways to expose people to my business and I am constantly learning the most effective ways to use all of them.