Q of the Week

Q: What do I do if I received a check that wasn't issued in my first and last name?

A: If you want your commission payments made out to your personal name, make sure you don't list a "Company Name" in your Virtual Office. If a Company Name is listed, PlanNet Marketing uses that to create your Paylution account and any payments to your bank or paper checks will be issued to that Company Name. Please be sure to leave this field blank if you do not have an FEIN.

If you previously listed a Company Name and want to remove it, you can do so by visiting your Virtual Office and clicking "Edit Account Profile." But keep in mind, that won't edit your Paylution account - for any changes in Paylution please call PlanNet Support at 470-443-9330 or email Paylution@plannetmarketing.com.

~LeAnn Troeckler, PlanNet Marketing Chief Operations Officer leann@plannetmarketing.com