Shrink Your Waistline, NOT YOUR TEAM!

It’s a New Year and many people are thinking about a “New You” as well – getting in shape, eating healthier, and exercising more are big topics of conversation every January. I think making healthy and attainable resolutions and goals for yourself is important. But make sure you’re making healthy and attainable goals for your PlanNet Business too!
The holidays are often filled with extra spending – on gifts, cards, travel, and lavish feasts. Those things all cost money and people are quick to look for ways to save a few bucks. 

Make sure your team members didn’t fall behind in their monthly Rep fees over the holidays or they could be setting themselves up to lose. Lose what? Commissions! Matrix Position! Team Members! OUCH. That’s a big loss.
At PlanNet Marketing, we reserve the right to cancel any Rep account that hasn’t actively paid a monthly fee in over 60 days. That means if a Rep on your team didn’t pay us in November and December, they’re set to be canceled in January. This is a PERMANENT cancellation and they will lose their position in the Matrix along with any current team members. If they want to re-enroll with PlanNet Marketing in the future, they’ll have to re-enroll in a brand new account.
Don’t let a little holiday “savings” decision affect your New Year goals and plans – reactivate TODAY and tell your team to do the same. It’s easy - you may:
1) Login to your Virtual Office and reactivate your monthly autoship.  Click “My Account” and choose “Manage Autoship(s).” Click “Activate” below “Status” and then click “Edit” beside the Autoship ID. Make sure all of your information is up to date and click “Proceed to Confirmation” at the bottom of the screen. Finally, make sure your info is correct, click the “Check this box ONLY” line to ensure you are added to the auto-monthly renewal list, and click “Confirm and Update Autoship” to reactivate. Your credit card will be charged the next business day.  For same day renewal processing – contact your Support team. 

2) Call PlanNet Support at 470-443-9330 to provide your payment information and permission to reactivate your monthly autoship of $19.95 monthly.

3)  Send PlanNet Support an email at requesting reactivation and providing any updated information necessary (Did your credit card expire? Need to list a new one?)
Don’t let anything stand between you and success with PlanNet Marketing – RENEW TODAY!
-- Policies and Procedures Section 10.2 located in your Virtual Office in the Information Center (go to Resources, then Policies and Procedures).
~Amanda Restivo, Vice President, Compliance --