PlanNet Marketing welcomes Cheryl R. Clemons to the prestigious 20/20 Club! Cheryl was born in Chicago, IL and currently resides in Edmond, OK. Her many interests include her love of music, and she performed her first piano recital at age eleven! She has competed in the Hal Jackson Talented Teens Pageant and was awarded the Miss Congeniality title.  She shares, “I enjoyed being on the best track team at John Marshall High School, where we hold the record for most consecutive state championships won and I held the state record in the two mile run.” Cheryl was named Iron Woman 2016 of PlanNet Marketing. “Running, reading my Bible, and writing original poetry to my special friend are my “peace of mind” moments.”

Cheryl continues, “I enjoy being a mother and grandmother; I have four beautiful daughters, one foster daughter and two foster sons (one who transitioned to glory in 2014), four handsome grandsons and one beautifully talented granddaughter! My newest achievement is the leading role as Mrs. Jerry in a Christian-based stage play, “A Black Woman’s Attitude and the Men That Want To Love Us," which will debut on March 4, 2017 in Oklahoma and will be touring soon. I asked my siblings to help me tell some fun facts about me. Their response was to tell you that I am freaking awesome and that will sum it up! I am the fourth of 11 children; the ‘Illustrious Eleven’ is what we are called.

“I have traveled to 28 different states. I went to Mexico on my first cruise, where my cousin and I nearly got left in Progreso, because I wanted to purchase a hand painted purple plate. When I want something, I stick around til the finish. Director is next!”

Cheryl explains her success with PlanNet Marketing: “My success comes first from our amazing founders, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley; my parents for instilling a strong faith and belief in what God has promised me: that I can do all things through Christ, no boundaries; also, my angel and cousin Cynthia Burrough for introducing me to the industry.  She is my push and part of my why. Success comes from following the PS3 system and staying engaged. After listening to our #1 income earner tell the story of the three frogs in the ditch, I began to turn a deaf ear to all the naysayers! Our #2 income earner gives a positive affirmation of people over profit. My sponsor, Two-Star Director Melodie Washington says "quitting is not an option” - as long as you are in the race you have a chance to WIN!”

“This industry is a team effort; and although we are truly in business for ourselves, we are not not by ourselves. If I help others achieve their goals, by default I will attain mine. If I want to get there quickly - I go by myself. If I want to go far - I go with a team. So I must give credit to the best team PlanNet has; their support keeps me pushing to be a better leader, because they deserve it. Self-development through reading relevant books is key. Mr. Bradley says reading a minimum of 30 minutes a day will develop the leader in you, so I read in constant pursuit to better myself! 

“There are many components to being successful; we have some great leaders we can copy. I say “learn to copy the right cat” but as One-Star Director Mr. Aquarius Jackson says, move cat quick!