Events Shape Our Lives!

Are you a sports fan? Do you just LOVE to attend basketball, baseball, football or hockey games live and in person? My husband LOVES hockey – he watches his team religiously on TV, and when they aren’t playing, he watches other teams. It doesn’t matter that he’s at home, in the living room, lounging – he’s wearing a jersey, sporting his team’s colors. He also can get LOUD. Now, my husband is a loud guy anyway – he’s Italian, hot-blooded, and his “inside voice” is louder than some people’s yelling, but on hockey nights things can get crazy ‘round here, folks.
When my man and I were dating, I tried watching hockey with him (gotta show the interest ladies!) but it just never caught my attention or captivated me the way it did for him – until I bought him St. Louis Blues hockey tickets for Christmas one year. Our son cried because he didn’t get to go along. These tickets were not right on the ice, but we had a nice view – and I found myself standing and screaming with all the other blue-bleeding fans in that arena. The atmosphere was incredible. This live event brought life to an otherwise boring game (to me). It also brought understanding. I didn’t know the rules of hockey. But sitting beside my husband, the hockey expert, surrounded by the sounds of sticks slapping a puck across the ice, wearing my brand-new home team stocking cap – I wanted to know more! I asked questions, I kept my attention on that tiny black puck sliding around the ice, I learned so much in that brief time!

Attending that LIVE EVENT put me in a position to absorb more about hockey than I ever had, or probably ever will! Now, when I watch on TV (because let’s face it, during hockey season at my house, there are times you just can’t avoid watching – my hubby and son love it) I know what’s going on. When the boys are yelling at a call they think unfair, I actually understand what they’re talking about. I’ve gained a knowledge and an insight I didn’t have before. Honestly, I didn’t even realize what a fun, exciting game hockey was before that event. I had seen it, heard about it, I even tried to like it, but I hadn’t EXPERIENCED IT for myself until that live, in-person game. It was a turning point.
Ok, so this is an article about PlanNet Marketing – not ice hockey. Let’s get to the point, right? If you have never attended a live, in-person event with PlanNet Marketing, then you don’t know what you’re missing. You might have seen pictures and videos from events past, maybe you heard from a friend of a friend about the excitement they felt in attendance, you might have even tried watching on Facebook Live during the 2016 PlanNet Marketing National Convention in Atlanta. But you just couldn’t get into it. You don’t understand all the hype. You got bored watching after 20 minutes and went back to work. 

You need to EXPERIENCE the 2017 PlanNet Marketing National Convention in Las Vegas or London for yourself!
Once you’re there – you won’t regret it. The atmosphere will be electric, the excitement palpable. There will be an abundance of opportunities to sit in a smaller classroom setting with the experts (PlanNet Marketing Directors) and learn about building your business in ways that you’ve never imagined. You’ll sit in rapture and soak it all in, gaining knowledge and insight you didn’t have before. You’ll realize what a fun, exciting business this is and you’ll WANT to know more, and do more. You’ll watch award winners march across a stage to thousands of screaming team members and you’ll take note of how you too can achieve those goals. Next year, it’ll be you up there, waving and smiling as you accept your award.

These events are so much more than motivation and networking (although that happens too). These events are experiences you will never forget. Maybe you want to be interested, but you're just not there yet. These events will make this business real in a way that it wasn’t before; it will open your eyes to the possibilities at your fingertips.
Don’t sit on the sidelines in 2017 – visit your Virtual Office today and sign up to attend the Las Vegas or the London 2017 PlanNet Marketing National Convention events – or go to both! These are once in a lifetime experiences that you’ll never forget.
~Amanda Restivo, Vice President, Compliance --