20/20 Club Member and Director-in-Training Shakarna Chapman was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY; she has one son who is 23 years old.  After her son graduated from Johnson & Wales University and moved to Charlotte, NC where he is currently working as a chef, Shakarna decided to start a new life in Aberdeen, MD. She shares, “Because I supplemented my income and became a travel business owner, I was able to pay off my house and I am officially a homeowner here in Maryland. This opportunity has truly been a blessing in disguise, which is why it is my duty to share this life-changing opportunity with others.” Shakarna loves spending time with her son, traveling and helping people. Her passion is to help people earn, save, and experience more, which aligns with the guaranteed time, personal, and financial freedom that PlanNet Marketing provides. She says, “This business chose me.”

Shakarna relates that her first real travel experience was a trip to Jamaica when she was 32 years old. Visiting there opened her eyes and changed everything for her, as this was her first “real” vacation that didn’t require a trip to Auntie’s house in North Carolina, sharing a bed, or sleeping on the floor or the couch! She tells us that she thought the views from her Auntie’s back porch were beautiful; but the world outside her concrete jungle was truly breathtaking. She says, “The feeling I had just taking it (Jamaica) all in was indescribable and I knew I never wanted to lose that feeling. I also owed it to my son to experience the same.”

After that first eye-opening trip, Shakarna tells us, “I have traveled to over 10 exotic countries, 37 of the 50 states, all of the US Virgin Islands, taken cruises, been on different excursions such as white water rafting, ziplining, snorkeling, parasailing, hiking, taken a helicopter through the Grand Canyon, seen hot springs, waterfalls…you name it I've probably done it. In this business if you are not having fun you are doing something wrong. My motto is: You have one life to live and one life to travel!” She also says she has the natural ability to make people laugh without trying!

On her PlanNet Marketing success: “I am already witnessing the success happening so quickly with my team, of whom I am so proud.  I became a member of the 20/20 Club and Director in Training all in the same weekend. My team has remained coachable and allowed me to mentor them. A fire has been lit in me and now it is blazing through the forest (my team) as evidenced by the promotions that are taking place! Bronze Builder, Silver Builder, and Gold Builder...I could not have done it without them. Nothing can put that fire out; I am producing Directors! They have reached their success so quickly because of their will, their drive, and their hunger. It is refreshing attracting like-minded individuals.”

“My greatest satisfaction simply comes from helping others achieve their destined levels of success. My business grows through the relationship I have with my clients, my team, and my mentors. The fire that I have is contagious and I am thankful to attract like-minded individuals who are determined to win for their families. I truly believe in leading by example; if I expect my team to stay plugged in and remain coachable, I have to do the the same. Consistency is key! I am committed to being accessible to my team. I strive to be the servant leader, the evidence, and the inspiration that Mr. Orlanda Moore and Mrs.Natalie Graham have instilled in me. I thank and appreciate them! We are here to vision.”