New One-Star Directors and 20/20 Club Members Kaseen and Judy Faye Penn are natives of the Cayman Islands, but have been residing in Prosper, Texas for the past four years, adding that they are “bountifully blessed with eight adorable, athletic, intelligent and loving children and one happy, extremely energetic granddaughter.”

Kaseen and Judy Faye are recognized counselors, life coaches, entrepreneurs and philanthropists. They are also authors of the successful book “The New You,” which sold over 3,000 copies. They have received many heartfelt reviews from individuals about the transforming effects of this inspirational and motivational book. The Penns strongly believe that every person is uniquely placed on planet Earth to fully discover, achieve and maximize their full potential in every aspect of their lives. 

Kaseen and Judy Faye state, “We attribute our success in PlanNet Marketing first to our Heavenly Father and to our relentless, unremitting work ethic, which is vigorously being transferred to our strong base in the Cayman Islands. From the time PlanNet Marketing so graciously gave the green light to conduct business in the Caribbean, we ignited our base in the Cayman Islands and were extremely fortunate to grow a team of 150 plus business partners in less than three weeks!” 

The couple are avid world travelers and are always willing to explore and visit new destinations. In May of this year they share that they were extremely fortunate to take a dream vacation, which included 11 exotic cities in Europe over a 21-day period, and in January they will be taking a 10-day travel agent FAM Trip to Israel and Petra.

Kaseen and Judy Faye strongly believe that you can make a consistent living with PlanNet Marketing, coupled with the ability to travel as an insider by staying in some of the best hotels and resorts for extremely attractive prices. They believe that this vehicle can be a game changer for many families around the world - financially, mentally and socially. Their motto for their PlanNet Marketing Family-Team is #WatchGod.