Wandra Hammond is a native Memphian who moved to Georgia in 1986. The new 20/20 Club member is a single parent and made the decision years ago to make sure that her children had everything that they needed to succeed in life. She relates, “My parents, who are deceased, provided me with the necessary tools and the knowledge to tackle anything that life would bring my way. My mother was an educator and a pianist who enjoyed playing for her church back home in Memphis. My father was the minister of two prominent churches in Memphis and was a devout servant. Faith first and decorum, which I believe in, is extremely important and goes a long way when navigating life.” 

Wandra continues, “During my corporate career I have worked many places, such as ICG Railroad, which was taken over by Norfolk Southern, IRS, Amtrak and FedEx, each place adding on to my particular set of skills. I later retired in 2014 from FedEx after 30 years of dedicated service with integrity. I am very active in my church, serving as one of the captains of the Courtesy Guild and church choir. One unknown fact about me is that I am licensed in broadcasting. Being very active in neighborhood activities and my civic duties gives me a sense of purpose.

“My decision made a long time ago was to have a plan B while my plan A was still working, but wanted it to be something that I have a passion for and could pass on to my children and grandchildren. That something turned out to be the WORLD. I began traveling and have not looked back. Since retiring, I have visited Japan, London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Mexico and all over the Caribbean as well as many states, taking my  children with me. My interests include jazz, Scrabble, good food, cooking, and of course TRAVEL and adventure! My dream vacation is a river cruise to Paris and Normandy, going down the Seine River aboard AMA Waterways  and a Mediterranean cruise on Regent Seven Seas…and I plan to make that a reality in the year 2018!

“The tips I would leave are to get plugged in, to stay committed, engaged and focused, and above all, embrace the process and DO NOT QUIT! Why PlanNet Marketing? Why not!! If I can leave a legacy to my family with a company that genuinely cares for people and their families, I can think of no other place that I would rather be.”