Tis the Season!!! Ok, so I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but it's coming up fast. So is Christmas. I read a social media post recently that said "6 Saturdays until Christmas." *gulp* Uh, yeah. That fast. 

With Black Friday and crazy holiday shopping right around the corner, remember to be nice! Why do I say that? Because being nice ain't easy. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. In fact, it's downright hard sometimes. 

Being rude - that's easy…being snotty and nasty or saying mean things, hurting people’s feelings or their businesses or their relationships - that is easy. 

It takes almost no effort to utter a nasty word, to frown, to grumble, to complain…to post all those negative things on social media.

You want to know what's hard? It's hard to smile when you've just been slighted. It's hard to listen politely when someone's saying something you don't agree with. It's hard to choose what's kind over what I'm feeling. 

Anyone can stir up trouble, tell lies, tell truths (that aren't anyone's business), smash in windows and smash in hearts. 

What's truly hard is being the bigger person. Not grumbling or arguing or starting unnecessary fights. It’s hard to see someone at their worst and still show love and grace and support. 

I know we're all nodding our heads in agreement right now and thinking of someone else who needs this message more than we do. Right? 

But we need it too. 

I need it. 

I need to remember this when I order my steak medium rare and it shows up on my plate medium well. I need to remember it when my husband promises to do yard work and doesn't get around to it for a week…or two. I need it when someone posts a negative comment about my business on my social media page.  I need to remember that sometimes people make mistakes and have bad days and say mean things and that's just life. 

I need to remember that no matter what someone else does or says, I'm responsible for me and my actions. 

I choose nice. I choose kind. I choose polite and helpful and respectful. 

Be the light this holiday season. Light up this PlanNet! 

~Amanda Restivo, VP, Compliance --