Welcome to the PlanNet’s 20/20 Club, Tisha Spencer! Tisha shares that she is from Bronx, NY and grew up in the Parkchester Condominiums. She currently lives in Capitol Heights MD, not far from DC.  Tisha says, “I have a varied lists of interests in my life!! I love a good movie with good cheese popcorn and prefer horror movies. I love to learn where things came from and why people do what they do. I love to cook and prepare meals without recipes! Once my chef instructors told me recipes were guidelines, out the window they went!

“Travel obviously is an interest of mine, and with my love of food, it makes my travel experiences so much more fun! I have been traveling since I was six; I have always enjoyed going to new places and experiencing new things in life. From culture, food, people and more, you never know what a new travel experience will bring! You don’t even have to leave your state to experience what travel has to offer. Learning about the history and culture of your own city can be exciting!

“Being an Army Veteran, I have traveled to Germany, Arizona, and South Carolina during active duty. Naturally while in these states I explored!! So far I have been to Punta Cana three times, once with my mother; to Jamaica twice; Haiti and Florida three times; Atlanta four times, and the Bahamas… and this is all within the past 23 months! And there are other states around the country and islands! My favorite is cruising, and I have three under my belt with two more planned.

“I have seen a lot and learned a lot, which is helping me achieve success with PlanNet! By learning early that everyone has different views in life, it helps me to understand them better and to figure out how to show them how this opportunity could change their lives! I have learned from great leaders to be patient, to be kind and to leverage the talents of others when you need help. One thing that I love about PlanNet is that no one is rushing you to reach a goal, but once you say, “I’m ready,” you have everyone’s support! Once I said it and mapped out a plan, I hit 20/20 in a few months, while still working a full time job, and helping new partners learn and train! A fun fact about myself, let’s see..I still call or text my mom and sisters daily. We use technology to stay in contact even though we live in three different states! Next up is a family vacation!”