UPDATE: We have our Winners! Thanks to everyone who entered!

It's Christmas time, that means it's time to give away some gifts! If you would like to receive a PlanNetNOW T-shirt, be one of the first 5 to send me an email telling me what you can do to win a free ticket to Eagle Weekend! (Hint:check Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) I'll update this post to say the giveaway is complete once I receive 5 emails. If you haven't followed us on Instagram please do so @plannetmarketingglobal.

~ LeAnn Troeckler, Chief Operations Officer,


Happy Friday PlanNet Marketing!

Don't miss our weekly inspirational Morning Call held every Monday thru Friday at 8:00am EST. Get plugged in, get your team on these calls and get your daily dose of motivation and education by our top leaders at PlanNet Marketing.

Don’t worry if you missed a Morning Call! You can always get your daily dose of inspiration, motivation & education by visiting your Virtual Office. Find it under Information Center > Library > Audio Library. You can also listen to the Morning Call Playback by phone:  <span style="color:blue">641-715-3609 Pin: 377045#</span>. Stay dialed in to PlanNet Marketing!

~ LisaMarie Klinger, Vice President Marketing Administration