PlanNet Marketing welcomes Jimease Bailey to the ranks of One-Star Director! Jimease says, “Smooches PlanNet Marketing family! I was born, raised and currently reside in Jersey City, NJ. I'm a city church gal who enjoys singing, listening to gospel music, reading a good book, baking and spending time with my husband Jay and children - Rosiland, Tiffany, Jehmese and Jehkai. Besides going to Jamaica, my travel experiences were limited to U.S. East Coast vacations. However, since becoming a part of PlanNet Marketing, I have branched out and have visited many other time zones! I can’t wait to take advantage of our FAM trips and go to Dubai.

“Once I saw the value in this business, I took it seriously and set goals I wanted to accomplish. I envisioned myself as a Director, I put myself in position to obtain it, and I followed the plan to achieve it. My success thus far has a lot to do with following the plan that’s in place. My mentors and coaches, Directors Kenny and Natalie Graham, led the way and I just followed what they told me I needed to do. Even though they live in Atlanta, I stay connected with them via phone calls, Facebook, text messages and video conferences. Here in New Jersey, I attend the meetings where I connect with Director Eric Hawkins and allow him to help guide and coach me as well. I also stayed plugged in to the conference calls and attended special events. When I began building a team, I had to replicate to them what Kenny and Natalie did for me. I stepped up and became a coach and mentor and I constantly poured into them. I not only built a team, but I developed relationships. I’m so grateful to have a team who know how to rise to the occasion and grind it out!

“My purpose in life is to help others. With my master's degree in Psychology, I have counseled and helped individuals for over 15 years. Even though I have no experience in network marketing, I love that I’m still able to help change individuals’ lives.

“Since joining PlanNet Marketing, my business partners have become family and I have traveled more. As a One-Star Director, I now have a promising future and an inheritance to leave to my children's children. To God be the glory for the things He has done!”  #NextLevel