Welcome to the 40/40 Club, One-Star Director Lisa Horsley! Lisa tells us, “I was exposed to the industry of multilevel marketing seven years ago and quickly learned that in order for me to become a professional networker I had to grow a NEW BRAIN! Not add to the knowledge that was already there, but grow an entirely NEW BRAIN. Hence #nubrain, which is the hashtag on most of my social media posts and my personalized car tag. 

“I was introduced to PlanNet Marketing a little over a year ago by my sponsor and mentor, Three-Star Director Mr. Tony Fleming, and his exact words were, "Lisa, I think I've found what has been missing from our previous projects.” I already knew it had to be culture, timing and a phenomenal product that the masses would understand with a favorable price point. To my surprise, these top three boxes were checked to give the average ‘Jill’ a chance to win. 

“Travel and education have always been my passion. As an administrator in post-secondary education, I've always had the opportunity to expose low income, first generation students to people, places and things they normally would not have access to. Now, I have the opportunity to not only travel the world, but educate those along the way, which has coined my new moniker and/or hashtag -  "shecreatedalifesheloved.” 

“To give 40 active people the exposure to an industry and/or an opportunity that can literally change everything they once knew is a responsibility that I do not take lightly. 

“Lastly, we are born looking like our parents but, we die looking like our choices.”