Congratulations to the PlanNet’s new One-Star Director, Tanisha Burke from New York, now living in Rockledge, FL. “My mom and dad both believed in the value of traveling and seeing the world; therefore, I went on many domestic trips growing up. As an adult I’ve continued to expand my travels to international destinations and with this business opportunity, my bucket list has gotten quite long. I love traveling, cooking, shoe shopping, and crime shows.

“I am achieving success at PlanNet marketing primarily by using attraction marketing. I have a family with a young child, so I am unable to crisscross the planet and attend local meetings as frequently as I’d like to.  But through attraction marketing, I am able to connect and build business relationships with people all over the world. As a result, I have market shares in over 20 different states and have started working internationally as well. There are 1.79 billion active users on just Facebook alone; everyone should have some type of social media presence to be able to connect with people outside their network. After all, your network is your net worth!

“Fun fact: My first job was a dog groomer at age 13. Although I loved dogs, I really didn’t like the job as I was the lowest employee on the totem pole. I did however look up to the owner of the dog groomer shop. I was always fascinated by people who were business owners and I knew that one day I would become one too.”

Congratulations Tanisha!