Heads Down, Students!

Did your grade school teachers ever ask you to put your “head down” and focus on your schoolwork? I remember in middle school, I would even set folders up on the corners of my desk during a test and put my head down in the folders to work so no other classmate could “copy” my work! It also provided a “blinder” effect that helped me focus on the work at hand instead of gazing distractedly around the room.

28 Day Blitz

Founder Donald Bradley has announced that February is the time to put those heads down and get to work! You need to get rid of those distractions and get to sellin’! Black out your social media page and book business meetings every possible day of the week (two on Saturdays). Ya’ll need to work those fingers to the bone and your pencils down to nubs. Get your folders out and set them up to blind your eyes to the distractions around you. For ONE MONTH you need to push it hard and earn your spot in this growing Matrix (and maybe qualify for a Convention award or two while you’re at it)!

This is crunch time, it’s growth time, and it’s gonna be a CRAZY time. So let’s talk about a few of the PlanNet policies you need to be aware of when you’re out there blitzing in February.

Who’s My Target?

To become a Rep with PlanNet marketing you have to meet a few (simple) qualifications.

  1.  Be of legal age in your state of residence (could be 16 -18 years old);
  2.  Reside in the US, UK, France, or other markets where PlanNet is currently open for business;
  3.  Have valid Tax ID information and provide it to PlanNet Marketing;
  4.  Agree to follow the PlanNet Marketing Policies and Procedures as outlined in the IR Agreement when you enroll.

Are There Rules to Follow When Selling ITAs?

No selling on Social Media! You can tell the world about your PlanNet business – our product, the mission, the opportunity, you can prospect and support your team, but please don’t do any actual selling on your profile or page. If somebody is interested – they’ll let you know and you can give them your phone number or email address so you can connect and talk more!

Keep it Clean! Remember you’re representing a fabulous company. A professional company. A business. We want the world to take us seriously. Please avoid inappropriate conversations, comments, images, video, audio, applications or any other adult, profane, discriminatory or vulgar content.

No “Specials!” Please do not come up with your own “sales” or “offers” granting advantages in pricing that PlanNet Marketing is not offering. We don’t allow our Reps to offer special enticement advertising or pricing. You must only advertise and sell ITAs at company published prices.

Anything Else I Need To Know?

If you get an email from me or anyone at PlanNet asking for a response or for your cooperation – please take it seriously, and respond promptly and courteously. Also, if you see or hear another Rep do or say something that you think maybe isn’t correct – speak to them privately and recommend they fix it, or at least suggest they ask me about it to make sure it’s approved or correct.

That’s it. Heads down. Black It Out. Blitz it Up. Get to work. Focus. You got this!

-- Policies and Procedures Section 2.1, 4.4.E & 4.6  located in your Virtual Office in the Information Center (go to Resources, then Policies and Procedures).
~Amanda Restivo, Vice President, Compliance --