New 20/20 Club Member Derek Reynolds is from NYC and now resides in Atlanta, GA. His travels have taken him to the Bahamas (his only trip outside of the country) and he is a frequent traveler within the US, visiting Los Angeles, CA for the first time this year! He adds that he loves going to amusement parks and riding roller coasters.
On his PlanNet success: “I am achieving my success in PlanNet Marketing by not only studying my product, but being the product. I travel wherever I have a new agent to train him or her. I promote team trips to keep everyone engaged and I use social media to meet any and everyone.” Derek also mentors young men to help guide them in a better direction.

“I literally love my job, I love the research, I love seeing the rates we can travel for. I became a tax professional to learn more about the benefits of being a Travel Agent. Because of this opportunity, I have been able to bond with my family in ways like I couldn't before.”