Charles was featured just one month ago in the January 10th PlanNetNOW! Blog as a new 20/20 member and is now a One-Star Director!  When asked how he has achieved success in PlanNet Marketing, Charles states, “Wow, there are so many facets to this question! I guess it comes down to how you measure success. I would offer that most important is to be willing to ‘trade ego for equity.’ To do that you must be coachable. I am fortunate to have Ms. Eileen Ross as my sponsor and mentor. Her leadership and tough love have been both humbling and rewarding. I must also give credit to a great team of sideline partners and the support of my team. Without the trust and support of my team none of this would be possible.”

“I had to learn to discard my corporate mindset and embrace the system/processes in place, which was hard to do. I guess 33 years in the public sector made for great thinking like an employee, but not so great in thinking like a business owner. Once you understand the differences and embrace the process, your growth/success will accelerate!”