Congratulations to new One-Star Director and 20/20 Club member, Tamir Brooks! Tamir was born and raised in Oakland, CA, the first son and the seventh of nine children. Coming from humble beginnings, he says that he always wanted to live above the common existence of his surroundings. As a result he became an entrepreneur at a very young age. He relays that at age 18, a life-changing experience caused him to move from California to Nashville, TN to start a new life.

Today Director Brooks lives in Birmingham, AL, husband to La'Toya and father of two sons, ages 5 and 17, and a daughter, age 6. He's currently working full time as an electrician and building his PlanNet business part time. He loves to read, exercise, travel, and spend quality time with friends and family. Director Brooks has traveled to Mexico several times and has traveled all over the United States.

Helping people is Tamir’s passion, so sharing the PlanNet Marketing opportunity comes naturally to him. He understands success is in large numbers so he makes certain to talk to many people about the business and not get emotionally attached to their decision.  

Tamir's dream is to become a multimillionaire so that he can pioneer programs that will give back to the inner city communities from which he comes. He feels the best way to help the the less fortunate is to become financially independent in order to give back. 

PlanNet Marketing congratulates Tamir Brooks on achieving One-Star Director and 20/20 Club Membership!