Q: How do I access my PlanNet Marketing commissions payments?

A: PlanNet commissions are paid to you through Hyperwallet's Paylution Pay Portal. When you join PlanNet Marketing, you'll receive an email inviting you to set up your Paylution Pay Portal. You will follow the instructions within the email that you receive to set up your password and security questions. This completes the setup process to access your Paylution account. Once you have finished this process, you will go to and login with the credentials you created. When you earn commissions they will automatically be paid to your Paylution account. You'll get an email every time PlanNet Marketing pays you.

After logging into your Paylution account you'll be able to see how much money is available, set up a transfer method, order a pay card, and much more. If you should have any questions regarding your Paylution account, you can contact PlanNet Support at 470-443-9330 or email or  Or you may contact Paylution directly at 877-546-8220 or email

~~ Sarah Muscarella, Manager of Customer Support