MARCH 11, 2017

What a PHENOMENAL day in Omaha, NE, which was the first PlanNet Marketing event here. Founding Director and Four-Star Director Orlanda Moore, Two-Star Director Letoria Mayberry and One-Star Director Kerry Patterson completely shut it down. Congratulations to the individuals who arrived as guests and departed as business partners! Great coaching and training followed the powerful opportunity meeting! Watch this market.There are some true Champions in Omaha.

What a time we had in Omaha! We were so excited and blessed to meet amazing business partners! Congrats to all the new business partners! Next level ladies!

Milwaukee hosted its first Super Saturday this past weekend! I'm soooo proud of the growth of our city!! History in the making!! Stand up Milwaukee! Join the movement!!

We are still in recovery mode from a knock down, drag out, amazing Super Saturday in Maryland. Our founder, Donald Bradley, flew in to pin new Two-Star Directors, place Director jackets on four new leaders in Maryland, and he poured into the lives of the people. As usual, the other leaders were on point with wisdom and knowledge that was geared for success.

MARCH 12, 2017

New Business Opportunity - Wow!! Puerto Rico!! Amazing meeting, amazing people!!  New business partners, the next visit is already on the books!!