Welcome to the 20/20 Club, Kurtis Sampson! Kurtis is originally from Brooklyn, NY and currently resides in Stone Mountain (Smoke Rise), GA. He loves traveling, reading, fishing, bowling, and working in his yard. He also enjoys spending quality time with his family, and serves as a deacon in his local church. 

Kurtis says, “I’ve traveled all across the US including Alaska, and internationally I’ve been to Japan, Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Greece, the Caribbean, Canada, Ireland, and Greenland.  Also, I’ve cruised with Carnival and Royal Caribbean; truly a great experience.”

Sharing his tips for success, Kurtis tells us, “I’m achieving success by being coachable; reading daily; plugging in to every method of communication; attending the meetings I qualify for;  and by duplicating and sharing the things that have been taught to me by my upline under the leadership of Three-Star Directors Walter and Tiffany Powell IV, One-Star Director Alfred Ingram, and One-Star Director and Sponsor Baron Brown. It's been such a humbling experience thus far, and I'm dedicated to helping as many families as I can.”

On a lighter note, Kurtis relates, “I’m often referred to as ‘that Uncle’ know, the one at the family reunion that everyone likes!  I love to have fun, love to joke around, but can be serious at the same time. My greatest accomplishment in life to date has been my children, ALL OF THEM (they're not all my biological children, but gifts from God! LOL). 

“In order to achieve success, you must be coachable!  As a first time marketer, I understood quickly that I didn’t know much about the industry. My previous experience as a corporate recruiter and client services manager has helped with my recruiting efforts. However, I listened to what my upline leadership shared regarding duplication. There’s nothing new to create; follow the processes that have been put in place. The PS3 works, staying plugged in motivates you, reading sharpens you, and getting my business partners to follow the same process will help grow our business. I have a daily goal that keeps me moving, which is to conduct income earning activity 5-8 hours of the day.”