PlanNet Marketing is proud to congratulate Rachel Russell on achieving One-Star Director! Rachel was born in southern Illinois, and has lived in Columbia, MO for the past year and a half. She has been married to her husband Nick for 11 years and takes great pride in being a devoted full time, home-based mom to six children! 

Although Rachel had been involved in the network marketing industry for six years, it wasn’t until a few years ago that the travel industry opportunity presented itself to her, and she quickly remembered always having a passion for travel. However, growing up in a large family with limited resources, she never imagined that she would one day turn her passion into a reality.

Rachel relates that she understands the importance of serving others. She worked as a waitress for many years and took great pride in providing exceptional customer service to her clients. She also gave countless hours to her job while leaving very little time for her family. She says, “I was also reminded of all those years of struggling to sell a product that provided a limited audience and I dreamed of having a product that the whole world was already using that could never be saturated.”

In 2013 Rachel was at the lowest point in her life. Not only was her family struggling financially, but she had just tragically lost her father, who believed in her wholeheartedly. "I then realized life is uncontrollable and time is non-negotiable." Rachel remembers the last day she spent with her dad as he promised her that with technology, something would come along that would allow her to raise her babies from the comfort of anywhere in the world…and that she would still be able to make an impact serving others while making a residual income for her family and other families as well. "He assured me to keep the faith and that it would come in time. I'm so thankful I didn't block this blessing!!" 

Rachel continues, “I'm a no-excuse kinda gal and I understand that my NETWORK is my NET WORTH. The team and I love networking and connecting with those who are hungry for success, time, personal and financial freedom. We are addicted to seeing and helping others become successful and financially free in an industry that the whole world is already using and there's nothing that will get in our way."  Rachel loves hitting the road to build her business; she follows the system by plugging into calls, collecting those golden nuggets from all of her mentors, attending Conventions, game planning with her team and getting to meetings everywhere she can, while encouraging her team to do the same. She says, “Although my children do not like being put in timeout, I enjoy putting myself in "timeout" while eating chocolate and reading.” 

"I would like to thank Mr. Donald Bradley for his vision, my personal sponsor One-Star Director Amy Uribe, One-Star Director Aquarius Jackson, Three-Star Directors Keith and Adairia Vinson and my ENTIRE TEAM for this amazing accomplishment of One-Star Director. When it's all said and done, any network marketing company can have a good compensation plan, but what matters is the product that the company has and we have the BEST product on the PlanNet!" 

“Our team cannot keep this secret from the world and we are on a mission! Everything I do is for my family’s future and the future of so many families across the PlanNet. I have market share in 28 states! My mentors have watered me, I am watering the team and we will grow together! We are more than a team, we are family!"