New One-Star Director and 20/20 Club Member Arelisa Hayes is from Baton Rouge, LA and currently resides in the same area. She is mother to three boys, ages 15, 10 and eight; and two daughters, ages 13 and six. Her interests include traveling, reading, singing, spending time with family, and running her travel business. She relates, “The past year I have not had the pleasure of experiencing travel because I was focused on reaching the Director level on the marketing side of the business, so I went in "Black Out" mode to reach my goals. Now, 2017 is my year to see the world! First stop: VEGAS!

“Achieving success at PlanNet Marketing is not complex, but quite simple. The key thing is to ‘copy the RIGHT cat.’ You have to get out of your own way by allowing yourself to be coachable, teachable, and allowing others to help you. Find a leader in the organization who has achieved great success in a short amount of time. Do not be afraid to reach out. Ask the individual to mentor you and embrace the process. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MENTOR'S TIME!! Respect that person's time; when they call you to be somewhere, SHOW UP. If you are asked to get on a call, PLUG IN and expect to speak!

“The most important thing is to NEVER GIVE UP. The road is not an easy one to travel and it will be harder than easier, but your future is on the line -- your financial future!!

“I achieved success quickly by learning the process and completing the process. I did not attempt to reinvent the wheel, I utilized AND mastered the available tools and resources located in my back offices for BOTH sides of the business. I had to change my mindset and tap into my passion, which is helping others. How? By finding their needs and helping them meet their needs.

“I also set goals. I gave myself a year to reach Director level. I joined the industry on 3/13/2016 and made Director on 3/12/17! I did not rely on my team to do something for me that I was capable of doing myself, which is how I have directly sponsored 60 people. Tackle your fear because whatever it is you are afraid to do, that is what's stopping you from getting paid. Believe it or not, I am an introvert. I am very shy, and I was afraid to talk to people on the phone or in person about my opportunity. When I overcame that fear, my business went through the roof and yours can too! Speak positive affirmations over your business and life. When you do that, the UNIVERSE has no choice but to respond to your demands.”