Las Vegas or BUST!

Next week at this time, thousands of our PlanNet Marketing Reps will be converging on the Bally’s and Paris hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2017 National Convention USA!!! Will you be joining us in “Sin City” for the experience of a lifetime? I sure hope so!
Just remember, there’s lots of fun to be had while still following the rules – don’t gamble with your business by being careless with your words (even if you will be in the “Gambling Capital of the World”). Remember that while you’re in Vegas, you’re a Rep, representing PlanNet Marketing. PlanNet’s an exciting business and you just love telling others (we love that!) You probably will want to share a bit about InteleTravel too – since the InteleTravel Internet Travel Agency is our product, that’s totally understandable! You just have to be careful how you tell people about these two, amazing, separate businesses.

I’m a Rep! If you meet someone and tell them you’re a Rep with PlanNet Marketing in one breath, don’t say, “and I travel like a professional” in the next breath. You might be a Rep and you might travel like a “pro” but Reps aren’t travel agents and Reps don’t sell travel. Reps sell ITAs! Make sure if you tell others you’re a Rep, that you talk about being a Rep – the freedom it affords because you can work when it’s best for you, the fellowship with others, meeting people every day and talking to them about the life-changing choice you made when you joined PlanNet, the extra income, and the commission you earn when those people purchase an ITA business. In fact, many Reps choose to purchase an ITA in addition to their Rep business.
I’m an ITA! If you’ve chosen to purchase an ITA for yourself, you may want to share that too. If you meet someone and tell them you’re an ITA or an Agent with InteleTravel, don’t follow that up by saying, “and I make a commission every time I sell an ITA.” ITAs don’t sell the online travel agency, ITAs sell travel! If you tell others you’re an ITA, talk about being an ITA – selling travel to family, friends, and others you know (or don’t know!), earning a commission on those travel sales, travel training and certification, the list goes on!
If you’re reading this blog – I know you’re a Rep! But you may also be an ITA. Many of you wear both of those hats and sometimes you forget which one you’re wearing. Make sure you keep your facts straight when talking to anyone about PlanNet Marketing or InteleTravel. They’re both great companies. They both have amazing products/opportunities to offer. They’re both very DIFFERENT.
If you’re traveling this coming week, or just out spreading the good word – remember to wear one hat at a time – you can keep the other in your back pocket so you can do a quick change if you need to, but make sure the people you’re talking to know who you are – a Rep or an ITA.
-- Policies and Procedures Section 2.3, located in your Virtual Office in the Information Center (go to Resources, then Policies and Procedures
~Amanda Restivo, Vice President, Compliance --