New 20/20 Club Member Candis Ates shares that she was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. She met her husband, Christopher, an Atlanta native, eight years ago, which led to her immigrating to the United States in 2012 with their daughters, Jordan and Jada. They currently reside in Lawrenceville, GA and Candis works for Alpine Access as a Team Supervisor. Candis used to be a locomotive engineer and she speaks five languages: English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, and Sotho! She has been to Germany and Lesotho, and is currently enjoying visiting different states in the US, looking forward to a Fam trip to Mexico this June! 

She says, “Spending time with my husband and kids is my most favorite thing to do. Exposing my children to different places, cultures and foods is important to me and was one of the reasons I joined PlanNet Marketing.  I made the decision to join on June 19, 2016. This opportunity made it possible for my family to travel; something we were not able to do previously because we simply could not afford it. When I took a look at the compensation plan, I knew that this was the vehicle that would lead me and my family to financial freedom. However, I had to overcome the fear of building and networking in a country in which I am fairly new. One day, I heard Four-Star Director JP Watkins say that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real, and I said to myself "ah ha." 

Candis continues, “Even though I am new to network marketing, I have the distinct honor and privilege of being mentored by Three-Star Director Phillip Rollins, or as I call him, ‘Coach P.’  I attribute my growth to his mentorship and wealth of knowledge. I have the world of respect for this gentleman and I am truly grateful for his leadership. My personal sponsor, Nikki Jackson, has been very instrumental in my development as well. Her sheer determination and drive push me to go harder and to make adjustments, not excuses. Two-Star Director Lavonda Thornton has always been very supportive of my development and I have learned so much from her as well. I stay plugged in and run the plays my coach calls and allow myself to go through my process.  

I am excited about my future with PlanNet Marketing and I am proud of the culture Mr. Bradley has created here; this truly is a legacy company.