Walter and Tiffany Powell went to a business opportunity meeting when they saw a slide presentation that featured a trip they had taken a few months before. “It was surreal because we took the same exact trip and this business opportunity’s product was travel. Our friends told us how we could save on travel and get paid to travel. It spoke volumes to us,” Walter explains. “Joining a network marketing opportunity with a travel product is a beautiful thing. We didn’t want to sell lotions, tea, or coffee…none of those things. We were already traveling and it just made sense to us,” adds Tiffany.

The Powells own a real estate company and have experience on the ‘ins and outs’ of being entrepreneurs. They soon discovered that network marketing was of a different nature. “I was going through a period of time when I was disgruntled with the mortgage industry and felt like I wasn’t living my purpose. I received a call from Five-Star Director Shedrick White asking me to look at the PlanNet opportunity. When he told me that Donald Bradley started and owned this company, hands-down we were all in,” Walter explains.

The purpose to empower, motivate and enrich lives has been a driving force for Walter and Tiffany. “We want people to be their best and what God created them to be. With the PlanNet Marketing platform, we can speak life into others. We don’t have to sell, convince or threaten anyone to have the experiences they were meant to have. When your 10-year-old son validates what you do because of his travel experiences, the PlanNet opportunity can be very advantageous. We’ve been to Punta Cana, Jamaica and taken a yacht cruise, but the most impactful trip this past year was when we took our five sons, niece, and grandson on a trip for under $2,000! That’s out of this world,” Tiffany laughs.

Furthermore, the couple attributes culture and reading as keys to their success. “Staying in the culture and working the system that’s already in place are important factors. Follow the leadership and don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Follow the leadership characteristics: Loyalty, Documentation, Competitive Spirit and Coachability. For me, network marketing made me step up my game. My husband was always a reader and to be successful in this industry, you have to read. The more I read, the more my confidence built up. Reading books like Go Pro, First Year of Network Marketing, and Relentless, in addition to listening to motivational speakers, has helped us tremendously,” states Tiffany.

There are many pillars of support for the Powell family. “First and foremost, I give thanks to my Lord, Jesus, Savior and my backbone, Tiffany. We also have our One-Star Directors Alfred Ingram, Baron Brown, Deneene and Edmond Brown, Eric and Jamila Magee, Derrick and Natalie Alexander, Remus and Alisha Blair, Preston and Imani Scott, and Duane and Shontina Gladney to be thankful for. Our friends and family are proud of us and our continued growth. They have seen how the PlanNet opportunity has helped so many. We are giving people an opportunity to exercise their faith and we are a ‘beacon of light.”’ People look at where we came from and see that we did it. Now they know they can do it,” adds Walter.

No one knows what tomorrow brings, but the Powells have ambitious goals. “We want financial freedom for all average families. We want them to make extraordinary income. We will empower 100 families and help them earn a six-figure residual income in PlanNet Marketing.”

Congratulations, Walter and Tiffany!