LaVonda Thornton-Bush shares, “It is such an honor to be selected for this amazing article and such prestigious achievement.  What's funny is this still doesn't feel like WORK!  I remember reading an article that said millionaires are happy because they're doing what they love and it's not the love of money. That's exactly what I feel about this amazing opportunity, the incredible business partners, and the ability to get paid to do what we love!  My coach and mentor, Four-Star Founding Director JP Watkins, has made it possible for me to see how I can reach beyond the stars and I'm totally going for it!”

LaVonda continues, I'm still a "baby" in the industry as Ms. Watkins would say. When I began my journey with PlanNet Marketing, I was a high level business development manager in the oil and gas industry. I was blessed to earn a six-figure income; however, I was not doing what I loved. My career took me away from my family often and sometimes for weeks at a time; my career was stressful and very demanding. I'll never forget the day of March 31, 2016, at exactly 3:37 pm, the Human Resources department flew into Houston to take my job away, and all I can remember is thanking GOD for allowing me to see this amazing opportunity before that day. This year on March 31, 2017, a year after my layoff, I became a TWO-Star director because of my amazing team!”

“I'm proud to say that our team culture is different. When we get together it never feels like a meeting but always like a family reunion! It's not about the MONEY but truly about the PEOPLE, and I love that. I have never had a lot of friends, in fact this is the most people I have ever been around and interacted with in my life! Sharing this business has become second nature for me. Yes, even as an introvert! Totally out of my comfort zone, but you can't pay me NOT to share this. I could have been like many of my colleagues who thought because they were earning a good income that they were safe! I could have been like many of them and LOST everything when I lost my job. But thanks to PlanNet Marketing, the checks never stopped coming.

“I feel it is my RESPONSIBILITY to share this information. People don't know what they don't know and if I kept it to myself then I wouldn't be a blessing. We just happen to be with a company that pays us well for sharing.  I don't RECRUIT! Therefore, I don't get emotionally attached to others’ responses, no matter if they're answering YES, NO, NEVER, NOT RIGHT NOW, or I DON'T KNOW!  As long as I'm sharing, I'm doing my part. I talk to strangers, I make calls, I send messages online, I send text messages, and I'll even send smoke signals if I have to!”

LaVonda says, “My friends, family, and business partners call me the Travel Queen, but it is NOT for my travel booking, it is for the PASSION I have for the travel industry. I turned my attention away from BOOKING travel and more to the knowledge of the industry and building a strong team! So don't be afraid to SHARE what this business has done for you or could do for you in the future! My husband is my number one supporter and if it were not for him I would not be where I am in the business today! He supports me in this business just as he did in my profession. When I have to make a presentation or be on conference calls or host home meetings, he'll take the kids out so we have a distraction-free environment. He takes me out to celebrate my accomplishments, we dream build together, and my ultimate goal is to retire him from his job early. Some women get upset when their husbands aren't supportive - just get paid and show him your back office and your husband will support you 1000%. I can't wait for the day that PlanNet Marketing announces the 100 Club!  I'll be a part of that as well.  I'm excited to be a part of this legacy company!”

Congratulations, LaVonda!