New 20/20 Club member Adonna Macon is originally from Arkansas, has lived in California for the past 27 years, living in North County San Diego for the past two years. She is a retired Registered Nurse. Adonna travelled before joining PlanNet Marketing…both cruising and driving to Mexico, to New Orleans for the Essence Festival, and to Atlanta, GA for a family reunion. She has also been to Dallas and Amarillo, TX; Detroit, MI; Chesapeake, VA; St Louis, MO and Gary, Indiana. Since joining PlanNet Marketing, she has gotten her first three passport stamps in 30 days - from Cancun, Jamaica, and Alberta, Canada. She also attended both conventions in Atlanta and Las Vegas! Adonna has several other places on her ‘To Go List,’ such as Aruba, Costa Rica, Bali, Fiji, Europe and the Canary Islands, just to name a few!

She says, “I am achieving success by learning to be coachable. PlanNet Marketing and Inteletravel offer all the necessary tools to be successful. It’s up to me to utilize them! Staying plugged in is the key! You learn something new each call and meeting! Success is not hard but must be deliberate! I am a homebody, except for when I travel, and I am a private person. This business has definitely gotten me out of my comfort zone, but at this time in my life I wouldn’t have it any other way! In the bottom center photo above, Adonna is shown with her children and business partners, Natasha Chatters and Tyler Thornton.

Congratulations, Adonna!