New 20/20 Club Member Christopher Dent has made Ohio his home since 2001 and is originally from Saginaw, MI. He shares, “I am currently living in North Canton, traveling in the Akron/Canton area, focusing on my love for people. Some would call me a motivational speaker. I strive to be creative in my quest to help people live up to their potential. I love to travel all across the US, as well as cruising to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Antigua, St. Thomas, and Tortola in the Virgin Islands. I just love to travel and experience some of the greatest features this life has to offer.

“Achieving personal success at PlanNet Marketing takes knowing the type of person you want to be. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. We travel to friends and family helping them on a personal level to see the possibility themselves. I remained coachable and teachable, keeping my process duplicable, always striving for greater self-development.

“As a Pastor, I understand the importance of personal development. It is a physical reward that stems from a mental decision to go beyond what you see for yourself at this moment. The Bible states we are to be good stewards, “The first not the last, the lender not the borrower.” PlanNet has been a great vehicle for the manifestation for this process to be a success. We were created limitless; when jobs and other influences came along we made our own boundaries. Now’s the time to get back to limitless living!”