New 20/20 Club Member Darryl Jenkins was born and raised in the Washington, DC area, and currently resides in Hyattsville, MD. His interests are traveling, helping others, spending time with his godsons, and cooking. Darryl relates, “Although I am really busy focusing on building my business in travel, cooking really is like therapy to me and keeps me grounded.” 
Darryl continues, “Having been a business manager of a local high school marching band in DC and being responsible for booking all travel arrangements, it sparked something inside of me. Prior to joining the travel business, I prolonged applying for my passport, and as a result my travel was really limited. I had visited Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Alabama, Tennessee, New York, and Atlanta. Now that I have my passport, this will now change, as I am looking forward to traveling to places like Mexico, Jamaica, and perhaps Paris, France!

“My success comes from a place of passion. Wanting to help others and being able to expose them to an amazing opportunity that can change their lives, as well as their families’ lives, is an awesome feeling. A tip I would pass along would be the same as I share with my organization…remain humble, remain consistent, and stay connected. Oftentimes we tend to drift away from our sponsors or disconnect ourselves, which limits our ability to grow in the business.

“I believe I achieved success so quickly because I was consistent in exposing my warm market to the business opportunity. Many already understand the type of passionate person I am so when I commit to doing something, it has to be really beneficial for me. Therefore, they placed their trust in me and became partners, for which I feel honored.”