Congratulations to new 40/40 Club Member and One-Star Director Arelisa Hayes. The following is her PlanNet Marketing story in her own words: “I will never forget the day I was exposed to PlanNet Marketing while working from home. I was not focused at work this day so I did what I always do when I'm bored…started browsing Facebook. While scrolling the timeline section, I noticed my friend and sponsor, Montrell Woods-Paul, had posted a vacation to Jamaica that she was advertising. I thought to myself, ‘This is such a coincidence,’ because I was planning a trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica at the time. The trouble was, I could not find anything less than $7,000 and I was not prepared to spend that much on a vacation. I reached out to Montrell and asked her if she was a travel agent and she informed me that she was and had been for about six months. I was already making a pretty decent income, above average, so I immediately went in and started asking her about the pay. She told me she was making good money as extra income. I proceeded to tell her about the details of my vacation and she responded that she wanted to send me some information. I figured she would be sending me some quotes, but it turned out she shared the business presentation with me. I did not look at the information right away; I shied away from looking at it  because at this time in my life, I had no  interest in entrepreneurship and I hated conversations where people were always talking about how important it is to become a business owner. It is safe to say that I didn't know THEN what I know NOW.

“I sat on the information for two weeks without even glancing at it. On a Saturday night, I fell asleep and woke up around 3 am. I got on Facebook, started watching early morning news, did everything in my power to fall back asleep and was not able to go back to sleep. My mind was telling me to look at the information Montrell sent me two weeks prior. I decided to take a look. What harm can be caused from just looking? I watched the entire presentation from beginning to end, and it intrigued me. I immediately fell asleep. That same day, Sunday, I awakened at around 8:30 am and this video and business opportunity were still on my mind and I did not understand why. I prayed and asked God to show me if this was or was not for me. I did that because I was afraid. I did not know ANYTHING about marketing, or even travel for that matter. The fear of failure kicked in for those reasons. I asked God to send me a sign if this was the right opportunity for me and went back to sleep. I awoke again at 10:30 am, and something told me to sign up with PlanNet Marketing. I did not act immediately but made a mental note to call Montrell later that day around 1:30 pm because she attends church faithfully, and I did not want to interrupt her Sunday morning service. Within the hour, my phone rang and it was Montrell calling.

“THAT WAS MY SIGN! I answered and she informed me that she had someone who wanted to speak with me (Four-Star Director Orlanda Moore). I asked her why he wanted to speak with me. She responded that she had told him a lot of things about me, including my work ethic. Montrell and I had gained a friendship while working together and she had already been exposed to my training so she knew that I give my all in everything I do. I told her that I had made a decision to sign up but since she went through so much trouble to get me on the call with this important man in the business, I agreed to have this call. When I spoke to him, I got butterflies. I am not easily intimidated so this made me even more interested. Our conversation may have lasted 10 minutes and we exchanged numbers after that. I signed up that night and have clung to Director Orlanda Moore ever since. I followed him on Facebook and was astounded by his success. He was the person in the company I wanted to be like, so I paid close attention to his moves and copied everything he did. He started promoting our first National Convention in Atlanta so I said to myself ‘I have to be there,’ and I was there. Let me tell you, being at that convention CHANGED MY LIFE!

“While in attendance at the awards ceremony, I was late (as normal) and stumbled upon another agent I had gotten to know via Facebook, Apostle Leina'ala Mars. I sat on the same row as her in the back of the room. I noticed she kept staring at me but I could not figure out why. When leaving the awards ceremony, she gave me a hug goodbye and told me she was not feeling well and would catch me later. I never saw her again at Convention but the moment I was checking out of the hotel to return home, she inboxed me on Facebook and prophesied to me. It was so scary and caught me off guard because this woman knew true things about me that I had never spoken to anyone about, but had all these feelings of pain, hurt, and betrayal in my heart. During this prophesying, she told me that I was placed in this organization for a reason and that I had to discover what the reason was, and once I did that God would vindicate me from all the pain I had ever encountered in my life. She told me I would be very successful and told me not to be afraid, but to spread my wings and soar. I hold on to her words to this day, because as she told me more and more of what God asked her to tell me, I cried and I felt it within my body and soul, as if I was in church catching The Holy Ghost. I believed it, and so far everything that she has said has turned out to be true.

“It is surreal that I love doing what I never wanted to do in life, being an entrepreneur. My story has unknowingly inspired several people in this company, and I never felt as if my story was so special, but when I made One-Star Director and told my story, so many people in this company were drawn to me and they inbox me on Facebook or when they see me in person they come up to me and say, "When I heard your story, it changed my life." Long story short, I found my purpose. The next thing I have to do is get over the fear of sharing my purpose and by doing that I can be the vessel to change many more lives. My story gets a little deeper and is a very emotional one but I now understand that my pain is my strength. It is also MY WHY. I never imagined being in this place with only a year under my belt. I have surpassed 40/40 and will hit every mark that PlanNet Marketing announces because THIS is bigger than ME. It's about the people who have experienced my pain and more, the ones who can relate to me, and helping them get over that hurt and moving forward to help them obtain the life they deserve and want so badly. This achievement is such an honor and a blessing in disguise for me. I am truly in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME. Mr. Donald Bradley, my hat goes off and I salute you. I appreciate every leader that has poured into me on a personal and professional level, and taught me all that I know. I thank the Compliance and Marketing team of PlanNet Marketing for ensuring that we are always looking our best and handling our business in a professional way. Last but not least, I thank my team for BELIEVING IN ME! Hurry up and announce 60/60, I am there but look out Two-Star and 80/80 Club, I am on my way!!! We are definitely in the BEST place on the PlanNet!”